• Join more than 17,000 automotive professionals across Australasia, who already make running their businesses easier with a Capricorn Account.

      Using just one account saves you time, as you will no longer have to apply for multiple trade accounts with individual suppliers. You will also only receive the one statement each month to pay, cutting down on your paperwork and making it easier to run your business.

      The Capricorn Account is one of the most popular benefits of Capricorn Membership, giving Members instant credit with Capricorn's extensive range of Preferred Suppliers for almost every conceivable product and service to run a vehicle repair business. In all, Capricorn has arrangements with more than 1,500 automotive industry trade suppliers across Australia. Local Preferred Suppliers can be easily found in the Purple Pages, a handy catalogue that is provided in both hard copy and online formats.

      Our preferred suppliers include many of the biggest names in the industry covering the needs of Capricorn's diverse membership base including Mechanical Workshops, Panel Repairers, Auto Electricians, Commercial Vehicles and many more.

      Capricorn Members also benefit with the Capricorn Rewards Program. The program enables Members to earn 1.5 Capricorn Reward Points for every $1 spent on eligible purchases using their Capricorn Account. These points can then be redeemed to pay your Capricorn Account or used for other rewards such as Gift Cards.

      For most redemptions the rate of conversion for points back to dollars is 100 points redeems for $1, making it one of the most generous rewards programs available in Australasia.

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