• AMBRA Shop Grading

    - by Jeff Williams, Chairman of AMBRA

    AMBRA shop-grading was created some 6 years ago using an existing structured example, the current document has been further enhanced by industry consultation to fill the need for repair facilities to not only undertake to maintain minimum equipment levels but importantly to upskill their employees with post trade training
    Repairers willing to invest in their businesses when choosing a category means they have invested in being able to undertake specific types of repairs. AMBRA has always considered shop-grading should lead to an effect of putting the correct method of repair into the correct facility, having the training and equipment levels required to apply the repair of vehicles back to OEM specifications
    Shop-grading offers, peace of mind for consumers and insurers that the repair facility has the tooling and training to produce repairs to a MVIRI code compliant, competitive, qualified, safe, efficient manner.
    AMBRA extends the challenge, for insurers to compete with the industry developed model when comparing their in-house models that don’t stipulate specific training and tooling whilst having regard to the scope of repair. Those repair facilities prepared to invest to achieve a best practice in their chosen and approved category and reward them with a sustainable and fair remuneration
    Our industry is moving rapidly with many advances in new materials, technologies and structures, combine this with safety features the need for accessing the correct repair methods utilising quantified tooling, skilled technicians has never been more critical to producing body repairs back to OEM levels, with the knowledge that the ACL law being the oversight vigilant on doing it right.

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