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  • Cameleon Customisable Fixture-Set Solution from Celette

    - by Fred Tsioras, SAPE

    CAMELEON, the new Customizable Fixture-set Solution from Celette, offers an alternative universal solution to computerised measuring and dedicated jigs system.
    The CAMELEON is an adaptable solution for structural measuring and repairs of damaged vehicles. It is modular and scalable with a set of standard tips, 10 adjustable X and Y plates and 10 adjustable jigs.

    CAMELEON uses the 3D technology of the CELETTE® electronic measuring system: NAJA, thus ensuring optimum reliability of the measurements taken when assessing the severity of the damage, or when reviewing or checking the compliance of a vehicle.

    The CAMELEON is adaptable to all of the existing CELETTE® standard tools: benches, cross members, towers and universal pistons. The CAMELEON has many advantages:
    •    Flexible and adaptable to all vehicles
    •    Productive and easy set-up with unmatched simplicity
    •    Same accuracy level than the dedicated fixtures solution
    •    Optimal workshop organization and space saving

    SAPE Group Operations Manager Paul McMartin said “We're really excited about the CAMELEON, as it offers body shops a cost effective and accurate repair solution. This will certainly be a game changer for the Motor Vehicle Repair Industry.”

    Now available from Sydney Automotive Paints & Equipment.
    Telephone (02) 9772 9000
    For more info please visit:
    CAMELEON - https://shop.sape.com.au/products/CAM01.102

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