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    - article submitted by Cartar Industries

    The Cartar Glidemaster Mobile Lift is the result of 15 years development and listening to the voice of the Motor Industry.
    The motor industry today has 3 major issues.

    1/ There needs to be a better, safer and more cost-effective method for moving Damaged and immobile cars around a workshop. This is an issue in both High volume and Low volume business.

    2/ Given floor space is the most expensive part of running a business today, there is real gain in being able to increase the ratio of Car Lifts per square meter of floor space. To improve this is to improve profit.

    3/ Getting the tradesperson off the floor. The price a business pays for workers with bad knees and physical ailments that have resulted from years of kneeling over cars and lying under cars on cold concrete is considerable.

    The Cartar Glidemaster Mobile Lift is the most innovation piece of workshop equipment to be offered in the last decade. The Cartar Glidemaster Mobile Lift is the solution to these 3 issues.

    1/ The Cartar Glidemaster Mobile Lift is designed to roll under a car, elevate that car and then allow the operator to safely move that car around the workshop into any department. From the moment that damaged car is delivered to the workshop, once placed on a Cartar, it can then be moved safely through its quotation, dismantle, repair, paint, reassemble and finally lowered back onto its own wheels for detail. The Cartar Glidemaster Mobile Lift offers a system for moving damaged and immobile cars in a safe, and cost effective method through todays modern workshop.

    2/ Factory floor space is one of the largest costs in running a workshop today. What compounds this expense is the limitations with Static Car lifts. A static car lift impacts on this cost in 2 areas.

    Firstly, the productivity of a business is measured by how many work bay/ Static lifts can be installed over “X” amount of Floor space. If the number of Car Lifts can be increased, then the profitability of your floor space can be increased. The Cartar Mobile Lift gives the operator the freedom to operate more lifts per Square Meter than do any static Lifts.

    Secondly, if a static Lift has a Car elevated and waiting on parts , then the profitability of your floor space decreases. With a Cartar Mobile Lift , a car that is elevated and waiting on parts can be rolled outside and replaced immediately with another Cartar Mobile Lift .

    3/ The cost to businesses today that result from lost time and injuries to workers caused by lack of - or equipment that offer poor ergonomics is increasing. We need to offer our tradespeople safe and ergonomically equipment to complete their daily tasks. Predominate to the industry today are many who now suffer bad backs and knees from years of lying on cold concrete. Our older and experienced tradespeople are leaving the industry earlier because of these issues. The Cartar Mobile Lift offers the tradesperson a safe and ergonomically environment to work and enjoy their daily tasks.

    The Cartar Glidemaster Mobile Lift is essential for all workshops today.

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