• Holden Collision Forum

    - by Rob Mildenhall, Capricorn

    After attending Holden Collision Forum in Sydney, I thought I would give you a brief summary of the subject around Holden’s Certified Repair Network which featured very strongly in the evenings proceedings.
    This forum was attended by around 150 people, much higher than previous forum’s I’ve attended in Sydney, with a number of regional and Canberra based shops travelling to Sydney to get the detail around the repairer network from the horse’s mouth so to speak!
    The presentation was in two parts and discussion occurred on each point;
    1.    What’s in it for me if I gain certification?
    .    Free Holden Repair Procedures
    .    Free repair support through the Holden Repair email address
    .    Free access to Holden Engineering support for Repair Analysis, Crash Simulation and In-depth knowledge into the vehicle & safety systems
    .    Business name listed on www.Holden.com
    .    Invitations to Holden Certified Networking events.
    .    Opportunity to use Holden Branded Marketing materials in their businesses
    2.    Some of the Facts and questions:

    .    Why is there an annual subscription fee?

    Holden are charging $5000 per annum for their certification. They believe their brand has a value in the marketplace and are looking for repairers who can appreciate that value. Holden have stated that they do not intend to send you a pallet load of specific tools with an invoice attached, or send in the “Holden” painters to repaint your shop and then hand you an invoice at the end.

    .    Why can’t Holden guarantee increased volume of work?

    Holden's position is that they cannot “create” work but will only refer accident affected vehicles to their repair network. The Holden customer care team is being trained to handle these types of calls going forward, a specific collision phone number is being created and Holden have informed us that they will market all this information to their Holden customers.

    .    Is Holden working with a specific insurance company?

    Holden have confirmed that they are not working with any single insurer or insurers repairer group, however GM finance is being set up in Australia. They will have an insurance offering.

    .    Why is the AMBRA shop grading program being used?

    After assessing grading systems in Australia, AMBRA’s program satisfies requirements for Holden

    .    If I do not have all the equipment specified within the criteria, can I still apply for certification?

    No, no part certification, one standard. The equipment listed has been fully tested by GM engineers on current materials and also some future materials, if working correctly and in the right hands this equipment will repair today’s vehicles as well as vehicles of tomorrow.

    .    Is there an option to certify a whole group? (Car Craft, AMA, Gemini etc)

    No, certification will be dependent on individual criteria and utilises the Holden Trade Club reports to identify those shops that meet the spend criteria.

    .    Why is there a minimum 12 month minimum spend on Holden parts as one of the criteria?

    It is Holden's requirement that repairers are expected to meet a minimum monthly spend of $8000 within the Holden Trade Club reporting during the previous 12 months. At the time of publication of this article there is one certified shop in Australia, and Holden have confirmed that the certified network is part of the long-term plan. Holden have stated that the $8K spend monthly spend limit is to restrict the number of initial applications so that program / criteria tweaks can take place over time. Within 12 months, Holden have confirmed that they will evaluate and identify any gaps, from there they will work out how to bring other repairers on board. Remember; this is only the start of a long journey. Repairers who don’t meet the current spend limit are encouraged to focus on gaining I-Car Gold Class and also talking to their Holden Dealers to see what steps can be taken to increase their Genuine Holden Parts spend.
    .    Why is no external Holden signage allowed on repairer businesses? 

    Holden are protecting their brand and have explained that badges (signs) are easily given but not as easily removed/returned. Holden has informed me that they have created Certified Network marketing materials in line with the Holden brand usage guidelines. Successful repairers will be provided with electronic template where they can enter their business details and use as required. Long term, Holden's aim is to change our current signage policy, but that will be for repair shops who achieve the right outcomes for their customers consistently.
    As you can appreciate, there was a lot more discussion within this subject, but I have captured only the summary points for this article. The content of the evening was very interesting and well-presented.

    If you have any questions, please speak to your Holden representative.