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    ICAR Online Training

    Over the previous three years I-CAR has been working on producing a series of new courses that will form the basis of the new Professional Development Program (PDP 2.0) announced late last year. This new PDP 2.0 will be introduced over the coming 16 months with full implementation by January 2021.  The program will address not only current skills and knowledge for the specific roles in the collision repair industry but will also extend offerings to cater for production management and electronic diagnostic technicians as well as providing valuable ongoing knowledge to assist technicians in performing safe, complete and quality repairs to damaged vehicles.

    The new PDP 2.0 program has already addressed changes to the welding certification that brings the recertification and training paths more in line with OEM recommendations and as such, the I-CAR welding certification is being recognised by an increasing number of OEMs both in Australia and internationally.

    Additionally, from September 1, all current Australian students will have access to I-CAR’s new online training. This development is part of the new strategy for training being introduced to improve the skills and knowledge requirements for collision repair professionals. This delivery platform will enable technicians to access new courses 24/7 and allow all technicians to access the latest information regarding new technology.

    As part of the new PDP 2.0 evolution, this first release will include 22 new online courses. These courses will cover the most relevant current repair topics including Advanced Driver Assist Systems (ADAS), New Vehicle Technologies and Electronic Diagnostics. These topics are having an impact on collision repairs globally and many of our collision repair professionals have little or no understanding of the complexity of these new technologies. There is an increased need for ensuring new technologies perform as designed after the repair has been completed and the new courses will address this.  

    As part of the rollout, there will also be a specific training pathway for Production Managers. This will include a number of additional virtual and live courses to enhance the skills and knowledge for production managers and those technicians wanting to expand their career prospects.

    Accessing the courses will be through www.i-car.com.au and logging on through the myI-CAR login to register and pay for courses. The courses can then be taken any time of the day and can be paused and reopened at any time that suits the technician. In addition, the majority of courses run for approximately 1 hour with a post test at the conclusion of each course.

    The new courses will provide the ongoing annual training requirement for Estimators, Structural and Non-Structural technicians and Assessors as well as providing a new Production Management role training curriculum.

    Over the coming sixteen months, a number of older I-CAR courses will be archived and replaced with newer and more interactive ones. These courses are designed to give students the skills needed to enhance their knowledge of collision repair without having to take time away from the shop.

    As part of the planned complete revamp of the training curriculum, I-CAR will deliver the most advanced collision repair training on offer globally. The new course details will be available for review through the new course catalogue page at http://i-car.com.au/course-catalogue/where courses can now also be selected by name, subject or role requirements.

    A complete ‘how to access online courses’ is also available on the website for new and current students at www.i-car.com.au.

    The transformation of our industry demands more than training courses to just tick the box, it requires training solutions to meet the complex repair needs of today’s advanced vehicles for collision and insurance professionals. The growing number of Gold Class businesses, their recognition by Insurers and OEMs, are proof of the benefits of knowledge, excellence and performance for these repairers to stay abreast of the rapid industry change. I-CAR training is now recognised as the industry benchmark for training and contributes to industry consistency, uniformity and efficiencies for all stakeholders, while also contributing to the industry’s objective of complete, safe and quality repairs.

    The new online training will deliver on demand training solutions that meet the needs of businesses and technicians alike. Our live and virtual classrooms will continue to be available for those who enjoy the instructor interaction of more traditional training methods with a number of new courses to be added as well.

    In combination with hands-on training and welding certification, I-CAR training will help take your business to the next level in understanding and meeting the complexities to deliver complete, safe and quality repairs for your customers and thrive into the future.

    Check it out, I’m sure you will enjoy the convenience and flexibility.

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