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    Genuine or non-genuine: that is the question

    - by Clare Arthurs, HINO Australia


    Every day, smash repairers are faced with a seemingly difficult decision – to choose genuine or non-genuine parts? But for Hino Australia’s General Manager - Product Support, Greg Bleasel, there is only one answer. “Purchasing genuine parts is the right choice as Hino Genuine Parts are designed to fit the first time, every time. “It needs to be viewed as a package - it’s not just about buying a genuine part; it’s also about the benefits and added value you get from that first purchase that will support your business to provide an efficient, effective and quality repair process.

    Buying Hino panels from anywhere other than a Hino dealership means it has probably come from a market outside Australia. This raises problems as the design or functionality of parts in different regions may differ, meaning non-genuine panels are simply not intended for use in Australia’s demanding conditions. All Hino Genuine smash repair panels and parts are calibrated and engineered to meet Australian design rules, which ensures the integrity and safety of the vehicle is maintained.

    Using Hino Genuine fully trimmed cabins provides repairers with peace of mind knowing they are fitting a replacement cabin, which meets the internationally recognised European Structural Standards Regulation No. 20 (ECE-R29) for cab strength. Hino dealerships are able to source most panels required regardless of the age of the truck, helping eliminate downtime spent looking for a suitable aftermarket item. Many aftermarket suppliers will only stock late model replacements or popular parts for an older model. “Hino Australia’s parts catalogues includes not only older models but the range for those older trucks is also expansive - if you need to find a small item for a 30-year-old truck, your first point of call should be to Hino,” said Mr Bleasel.

    Using non-genuine panel could compromise the safety performance of the vehicle you are repairing. Such a consideration is critical too if the repair requires the replacement of electronic sensors or triggers relating to the safety and crash performance of the vehicle. Hino has put a lot of time and investment into developing and engineering each component of its trucks, and as a result, it is well versed in what a panel does, and why it does it and the relationship to the entire vehicle. While the aftermarket panel may look correct, its ability to perform correctly can’t be relied upon. “In the event of a quality issue arising, you can be confident that purchasing a Hino genuine panel from the dealer network means it will quickly be resolved,” said Mr Bleasel. “Genuine is the best choice - for a panel that needs replacing, it’s hard to see the long-term value in purchasing an aftermarket part.

    “For a comparable price, Hino genuine parts provide the peace of mind that you have purchased the best possible quality part for the vehicle being repaired,” concluded Mr Bleasel.

    Find out more at www.hino.com.au/parts/

    Holden Certified Repairer Network

    We congratulate the following members for receiving accreditation by Holden, in all 3 cases, these members have passed AMBRA grading as well as being I-CAR GOLD repairers.


    Killens Smash Repairs

    Len Hollis Repair Facility


    Cranbourne Body Works


    I-Car: Virtual December

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    The construction of today’s modern vehicles includes many strengths of HSS, AHSS & UHSS. Understanding the properties of these steels, vehicle design & how energy is transferred through the structure, places challenges on technicians.

    Commences - 5 December 2018

    Concludes - 12 December 2018

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    This course identifies characteristics and considerations for steel repairs and provides information on damage analysis and repair methods.

    Commences - 11 December 2018

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    Walk Ins

    - by orange Dog

    We all know that insurance repairs have lower margins than walk ins.

    How do you attract the Walk in? Is it the best street appeal? Or the biggest sign?

    I think they play a part, well the street appeal does, but the best way is word of mouth.

    If you are referred, by an existing to a new client, then you are already accepted. What most forget is how does our existing client remember you? What have you provided so they have your info at hand.  Please don't say the invoice. That does not work. You need to get something personal that the client will keep close at hand.

    Some suggestions: An accident report card, a pen, magnet or maybe a key ring.  These things are personal, they don't label the vehicle [as does a bumper sticker]. At Orange Dog, we hear it all the time, clients don’t want the world to know their vehicle has been in an accident.

    Once the repair is done give a voucher for a coffee or coffee & muffin.  I can hear you screaming from here. “You want me to spend more on a job that had tight margins”. Yes! -  but look at it this way, if the client talks to one person and they come to see you has it not been worthwhile? What if they talk to two or three? Instead of relying on the client to talk you up give them a “Refer a Friend” or “Reward” voucher. Get them to do your advertising. Chances are, if your client is a ‘good’ one, they will create other good clients.

    Talk to your local café to arrange a special price for the coffee vouchers you hand out. A selling point would be adding their logo as a mutual benefit. Arrange to have your business cards on the counter. Highlight your services on the card, loan cars, close to trains etc. Or give the card extra value with “bring this with you for a free loan car”.

    Letterbox drop your local area. Let the locals know who & where you are. Show them the benefits of coming to you [nearest to the buses or shopping centre]. You can highlight any extra service on offer, such as “Free loan cars or pick-up and drop-off service”. ALWAYS include a special that has a measurable dollar value. This adds value and reduces the risk of your flyer ending up in the bin.

    If an Orange Dog pen with your logo on it costs $1 would you be willing to spend that to get a new client? It can be that simple.

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