• MAHA MLT3000 Digital Headlight Testing

    - by Mick Lauster, MAHA Australia, New Zealand and Pacific Islands

    Modern Headlights need modern measurement technology. For testing the headlight adjustment analogue or digital headlight testers are used.

    Basically with both types the position of the light / dark boundary is checked.

    • Analogue headlight testers:
      • The assessment of the light / dark boundary is done by the
        technician visually.
      • The result is subjective (depending on the individual technician).
      • The analysis is limited to easy lighting functions, which can be
        displayed on the „projection screen“ (inside the testing box).
      • There is no possibility of a direct documentation of the measure-
        ment data on a PC.
      • Danger of a permanent damage of the eyes due to direct visual
        assessment of the headlight tester image.
      • Due to intensely high LUX capacity of modern-day headlights analogue headlight technology will not provide accurate measurement data 
    • MAHA MLT3000 Digital headlight tester
      • The assessment is done via a camera-based measurement system.
      • Headlight angle result assessment via electronic analysis.
      • Graphical output of the measurement results on the tester’s
      • Testing possibility of new lighting systems (e. g. dynamic light
        assist, motorway light and so on).
      • VAG Approved and Used around Australia and New Zealand
      • Transfer and storage of the documentable measurement results to a PC via
        cable, bluetooth or WLAN.
      • Factory owned local support from MAHA Australia on 1800 006 242 or MAHA New Zealand on 0800 624 269


    Business Description

    MAHA Australia Pty. Ltd. became a member of the MAHA Group on the 1st of April 2010, being a continuation of a long-established Australian company, Thurgood Equipment / MAHA Australia which was formed by Rick Thurgood. The MAHA presence in Australia goes back more than 30 years.

    The new subsidiary in Australia inherited a large customer base in the automotive and transport industry which dated back to 1982. The company has been instrumental in introducing Roller Brake and Suspension Testing Technology to the Government Testing Authorities, OEM´s, Educational Institutes and the General Transport Industry including Public Transport in Australia.

    MAHA Australia has built up a nationwide Sales and Service Network.  Main offices are in Brisbane and Sydney with Sales and Service Staff around the country. The headquarter warehouse in Brisbane consists of over 2000m2 of space, with container handling facilities and air-conditioned offices. Today the company has 15 employees consisting of both Sales, Service and Administrational staff.

    Key to MAHA´s success in Australia is their ability to control the complete supply chain from Manufacture in Germany right through to delivery, install and across the service life of our product. This high priority focus on customers’ needs and the willingness to provide the highest quality of service and support one can expect from a German premium-built product. Additionally, due to the extensive range of spare parts and standard MAHA products in stock, MAHA Australia has shorter reaction times and is able to supply urgent spare parts for maintenance and installations of MAHA products.

    MAHA Premium Equipment is available through Capricorn Suppliers

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