• New Preferred Supplier Thatcham offers world-class repair methods
    - by Thatcham Research

    Thatcham escribe has signed an agreement with Capricorn Society, whereby Capricorn members can now purchase escribe licences through their Capricorn accounts in Australia and New Zealand.

    Escribe, provides online access to Thatcham Research’s world-class repair information, including fully researched times and methods data, ensuring safe and appropriate repair procedures are readily available to repairers, assessors and trainers alike.

    Users can quickly and conveniently access escribe via their desktop, laptop, or mobile devices, enabling fast decision making at the damaged vehicle.

    Where possible, Thatcham methods offer less-intrusive repair options and highlight ways to avoid unnecessary damage and sacrificial parts that require pre-ordering.

    Capricorn National Panel Manager Rob Mildenhall, said: “The appointment of Thatcham escribe as a Preferred Supplier to Capricorn is an important step in ensuring that our Collision repair members have access to accurate, appropriate and safe methods of repair for vehicles in their workshops. By utilising these methods, members are able to restore damaged vehicles to their original safety rating, a vitally important component of their ability to provide quality repairs to their customers and stakeholders.”

    Thatcham methods include 19 of the 20 most repaired vehicles in Australia, and are fully compliant with the Motor Vehicle Insurance and Repair Code of Conduct. As far as credentials go, Thatcham are the OEM providers of repair methods to Aston Martin, Jaguar, Land Rover and McLaren.

    As with all purchasers from Preferred Suppliers of Capricorn, Capricorn Members who use Thatcham escribe, benefit from a simplified payment method and the ability to earn reward points from their purchases.

    About Thatcham Research

    Thatcham Research are a founder member of the Research Council for Automotive Repair (RCAR) and operate a New Car Assessment Programme (NCAP) testing facility. Thatcham repair information is produced and supported by their world leading Repair Technology Centre.

    Key features include:

    • Fully researched methods
    • 100% code compliant
    • Contains 19 of the 20 most repaired cars
    • Fast access with ‘Methods Direct’
    • One-click integration with AudaNet
    • Free training for subscribers

    Thatcham’s online portal called escribe provides fast and convenient access to repair methods and times information via desktop, laptop or tablet.

    Repair methods are fully researched, following a light-structural methodology, designed to cover common accident damage scenarios to the most popular vehicles and avoid common mistakes and pitfalls. They typically offer less-intrusive options, whilst maintaining the highest safety standards, ensuring that repaired vehicles are returned to their designed safety rating. Additional information includes full strip and fit routes, plus advice on how to avoid unnecessary damage and when to pre-order sacrificial parts.

    Repair times are calculated using physical research, computer analysis and over 20-years of accumulated experience, covering parts and panel replacement, the removal and replacement of mechanical, electrical and trim items, plus the application of paint coatings. The times are completely transparent, displaying a full breakdown of each operation.

    To enable escribe access, repairers, insurers, assessors and trainers must purchase an annual primary licence for each business location. Additional user licences may be purchased to enable multi-user access at the same location. Escribe is cloud-based and required no physical installation.

    To find out more about escribe, go to www.thatchamescribe.com.au, or call 1300 769 348.