• Paint & Panel Workshops look for the Personal Touch

    - article submitted by Orange Dog

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    How do you encourage an existing client to spread the word that you not only exist, but will personally recommend your services? Sometimes it’s more than just stickers or a nice business card. It has to be more unique to make an impact. Customer Service has to be your number one focus in this. If you do not treat the client like they are your number 1 client then there is no point trying anything else. You have failed already.

    Orange Dog has been asked the “what do we do” question many times. The things that work best are the ones that take a client by surprise. When a client first contacts your business, they are often stressed out. First the accident, then the processing & the waiting etc. How about giving them a voucher for two to the movies? Say “It's been a tough time and we hope this will give you a relaxing night off!”. For goodness sake don't give the voucher for just one. That makes the client spend money and you have just killed the goodwill.

    How does this help? No gimmick, no buy one get one free, no hoops to jump thru for it. What you have done has elevated your PR factor tenfold! Will they tell others about this – you bet (wouldn’t you?). And if it brings in one new client was it worthwhile? That is for you to answer…. Ideas are plentiful in the Paint & Panel trade but finding a supplier that understands what you are trying to achieve not so.

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