• Excellent service can be defined as what a business chooses not to do well

    - Orange Dog


    This is a statement from the Harvard Business Review and at first reading I had to stop and do some thinking. It doesn’t sound right but when looked at closely it is perfectly sound.

    It is common for managers to think that if their business is good, they don’t have to concede anything to the competition.

    Deliberately performing badly in some areas of service could boost your business. Not sure what clients want or don’t want? Hand out printed feedbacks forms, or send them an online survey to work out what it is your clients value most from your business.  Example: if your clients highly rate friendly service and longer hours then consider employee training and hours above company courtesy cars. Ditch or down size your courtesy car fleet to then invest into business hours and staff engagement. Ideally you will be offering the best service in the areas that matter most and become the preferred business for a specific group of clients.

    Orange Dog choose to print only for the automotive trade. We also choose to avoid big corporates and focus on small print runs that big Corporates don’t want to know about. 16 years and growth every year have proven we choose wisely.

    There are many stories across the globe of businesses following this statement. Define your clients, choose to do badly and boost your business!!

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