• New Suppliers and Products

    Osher Blue

    Osher Blue is a bulk supplier cleaning chemicals and accessories specialising in the broader Automotive Industry. Key products in solvents, greasers, car cleaners and detailing compounds, waxes and polishes. Based in Mona Vale, we distribute throughout the state. 

    We are available Monday to Friday on 02 9997 6900 or sales@osher.com.au 



    Suttons Parts


    Suttons Parts Lidcombe, NSW are the National importer for Grippaz Gloves.

    Grippaz is a range of semi-disposable Non-Slip Gloves.

    In most applications they can be used for a whole day or shift saving your panel business valuable money and provides excellent performance when handling

    Solvents, chemicals and oils to name a few.

    Key features for the gloves include:

    • Tough & long lasting - Lasts up to 5 times longer than regular disposable gloves
    • Available in 2 colours – Orange & Black
    • 3 sizes available – Large, XL & 2XL
    • Inside grip
    • Anti-sweat technology
    • Touch screen friendly
    • Silicone free
    • Chemical resistant
    • 100% Nitrile
    • Ambidextrous


    If you wish to sample Grippaz gloves contact Owen or Nathan on 02 9648 3688


    New CTR9Web


    The NEW Car-O-Liner CTR9 resistance spot welder provides quality spot welds in all new high-strength steels using cutting edge inverter technology.  It features a wide range of accessories, the state of the art C-Tong handle and sophisticated software with four welding modes that go from manual to fully automatic.  Keep the fully automatic mode on to ensure the perfect welding results.


    With the best Measuring Technology available, the CTR9 is the first spot welder designed to not only make high-quality welds but to also truly get the most out of your body shop.

    It instantly measures the metal panels and calculates the exact amount of time, current and clamping force needed for a 100% quality-weld every time.



    Advance processors, integrated sensors and digital CANBUS communication ensure fast and correct data transmission for absolute accuracy.



    Wi-fi and Bluetooth enable ensure future monitoring , instant documentation and traceability of the entire welding process.



    The protection system monitors the welder when the C-Tong is used. The thermal and break sensors protect the welder in the event of overheating.



    Telescopic gantry with max height of 2.4m 

    Lightweight Transformer Gun with Ergo-Grip

    Better Accessibility

    4x Liquid cooled C-Arms with Automatic C-Arm Detection

    355 deg Swivel handle

    Weldlogger (optional)

    Upgradable via USB

    Max 16000 Amps

    2 year warranty