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  • Presentation

    - by Bryan Gourley, Orange Dog

    Have you ever arrived at your business, then instead of going inside walked to the opposite side of the street. Try it and while there ask yourself “how do we present ourselves?”
    Orange Dog has complied a check list for you to go through.
    1.    Street presence. Is it easy to see us. Is it easy to find our driveway?
    2.    Signage. Consistent, through all of them? Big enough to see or are you forcing your clients to go hunting?
    3.    Parking Space. Is it easy to identify where a new client should park?
    4.    Front Yard. Have you checked the fences for rubbish? Have you cleared the weeds?
    5.    Office. How easy is it to identify where it is? [remember this client may have never been to see you before]. How easy is it to open the office door?
    6.    Orange Dog knows that the Paint & Panel industry is based on broken vehicles but all the broken pieces, the dust from sanding etc should be contained to the workshop floor. Is it?
    A few things to have a look at. It is easy to fix signage and Orange Dog is an expert at that. What we cannot do is fix it if you don’t identify what you need and phone us.
    A tip: Be brand aware. Make sure you have a brand and you stick to it. Don’t let anyone say ‘It’s close enough”. Your brand is very important and the above points are part of that.

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