• Septone Edge Ultrasand Bodyfiller – Easy to sand!

    Septone Bodyfillers have been in the Refinish Industry for many years with 2K Tech and other similar products, but just recently they have significantly improved their offering with the Premium Edge Range of bodyfillers.

    Their premium offering of Edge UltraSand represents the next generation in superior quality body fillers to the trade. This product is formulated using the latest class leading technology. It provides unparalleled sanding qualities and following some recent extensive comparative testing it was shown that UltraSand sands far easier and faster than any comparable premium body fillers.

    With the ability of using finer grit paper this will result in no stray sanding scratches that can cause potential sinkage following the painting process, this will also result in using less sandpaper per repair.

    Due to its exceptional self-levelling and ultra smooth finish it eliminates the need for putty from the repair process, this will also result in eliminating micro-pinholes, with this added feature it increases productivity through lower panel repair cycle time.

    Ultra-superior adhesion is provided to a wide range of substrates including steel, galvanised & zinc coated steel, SMC, aluminium and fibreglass.

    Currently Septone have a very special offer out which consists of receiving a 4Lt Septone Eliminator Hand Cleaner (Pt No IHPE4) free of charge with every carton of Septone Edge Ultrasand Bodyfiller (Pt No ABEUS3) Contact your local Capricorn Refinish Distributor to take advantage of this offer.