• "A co-operative (co-op) is a different kind of business. Our Co-op is owned by individual members and other co-ops, not big investors, and our members get a chance to have a say in how we're run.

    Profits mean members receive money, rewards and offers and a co-op can support its local community."*

    The International Co­-operative Alliance has developed a global co-­operative identity that ALL co­-operatives can align with and which differentiates us from other forms of business.

    The Co-­operative Marque and .coop are the symbols of the global co­-op movement and of their collective identity; Together they demonstrate their unity of purpose. Using the Marque and .coop domain joins thousands of similar co-operative organisations around the world.

    We work with the key players in the automotive industry and cooperatives around the world to learn from each other and share best practice all for the growth and strengthening of the industry, the cooperative movement and - most importantly - Capricorn itself. 

    *Source: https://www.co-operative.coop/about-us/what-is-a-coop

    Our Affiliates

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    Australian Automotive Aftermarket Association (AAAA)

    Focuses on manufacturing, re-manufacturing, wholesaling and retailing of all vehicle parts, tools, equipment accessories and services, except those products which are used in the manufacturing of original equipment.

    Email: info@aaaa.com.au
    Website: http://www.aaaa.com.au  


    Business Council of Co-operatives and Mutuals (BCCM)

    The Business Council of Co-operatives and Mutuals (BCCM) is the national peak body representing the co-operative and mutual models of enterprise. It is the only organisation uniting the entire and diverse range of member owned businesses.

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    Co-operatives WA

    The representative body for the promotion and development of the co-operative movement in Western Australia.

    Website: www.cooperativeswa.org.au  

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    International Co-operatives Alliance (ICA)

    A non-governmental association which unites, represents and serves co-operatives worldwide. Founded in 1895, ICA has 224 member organisations from 85 countries active in all sectors of the economy. Together these co-operatives represent more than 800 million individuals worldwide.

    Website: www.ica.coop  


    Institute of Automotive Mechanical Engineers (IAME)

    With over 27,000 members the IAME aims to further the interests of members at all levels through knowledge, awareness and the sharing of expertise. The IAME has its own offices in major cities in Australia and New Zealand.

    Website: www.iame.com.au  


    Motor Trade Association of Australia (MTAA)

    The national peak body for the whole of the retail, service and repair sectors of the Australian automotive industry. The Association is a federation of the Motor Trades Associations and the Automobile Chambers of Commerce in each State and Territory together with the Service Station Association Limited (NSW).

    Email: mtaa@msn.com  




    Motor Trade Association (MTA) New Zealand

    New Zealand's largest group of motoring businesses, committed to keeping New Zealand motorists on the road.

    Members of the MTA represent all facets of the industry from automotive repairers, service stations, automotive electricians, and automotive dismantlers to specialists in alternative fuels, brakes and outboard power equipment, ensuring complete coverage of all motoring needs.

    Website: www.mta.org.nz