2022 Director Elections

Calling Members in Western Australia & Queensland

Nominations are now open

Looking to contribute to the automotive industry? Interested in governing one of the largest automotive Member-owned organisations? Become a Capricorn Director.

Capricorn are looking for energetic and passionate members to join our Board of Directors. In 2022, director elections will be held for Directors in Western Australia and Queensland. In 2022, nominations in Western Australia are important as Members will be electing a new Member Director.

Nominations are now open! We are calling for eligible Members in the WA and QLD zone who are interested in putting themselves forward as candidates in Capricorn’s 2022 Director Elections.

Capricorn is a member-based organisation and Member representation on the board helps ensure Members’ interests are protected. Member Directors use their skills, knowledge and expertise in the industry to enable Capricorn to deliver greater value to Members, reflecting Members’ interests and embedding Capricorn’s promises and values.

Being a Director is a demanding and challenging role. It carries with it a great deal of ethical and legal responsibility. Seeking to become a director of Capricorn, however, is one of the most important contributions you can make to Capricorn.

Candidate Eligibility

To be eligible as a candidate in the 2022 Director Elections Members need to satisfy all of the following criteria:

  • be a Member in either of the WA or QLD zones;
  • hold 2,000 or more shares in Capricorn;
  • be involved in a trading automotive or allied business in either of the WA or QLD zones;
  • demonstrate a high level of commitment to Capricorn based on purchases using your Capricorn account;
  • be of good standing; both within Capricorn and the wider community;
  • not be a wholesale supplier to any automotive or allied business; and
  • not have any actual or potential conflict of interest that will create a material risk to the board or your capacity to properly perform your duties.
  • have no criminal record; and
  • have no business dealings or relationships that could materially interfere with the ability to act in the best interests of Capricorn.

Becoming a Member Director

Detailed information on becoming a director and Capricorn’s director election process is contained in the Candidate Information Pack which is available online*. You are strongly encouraged to read the pack as it contains important details on:

  • what being a director of Capricorn involves and the qualities that are sought in a director;
  • details on the election process including the “Candidate Assessment Process”;
  • the duties and time commitment involved; and
  • the professional development requirement if elected.

How to Nominate

If you would like to nominate yourself as a candidate in Capricorn’s 2022 director elections, please complete a nomination form and prepare all supporting documents and return them to Capricorn by no later than Friday 3 June 2022.

Late or incorrectly completed nomination forms or nomination forms that are not accompanied by all required supporting documents will not be accepted.

All nomination forms should be marked “confidential” and posted to: 

The Company Secretary
Capricorn Society Limited Locked Bag 3003
West Perth WA 6872

Alternatively, you can email the required documents to sarah.chamberlain@capricorn.coop

Supporting Documents

The candidate information pack, nomination form, CV in the format required, personal disclosure form and candidate self-assessment questionnaire are all available below.

These forms are also available on request. Please contact call 1800 327 437 or email sarah.chamberlain@capricorn.coop if you wish to request a copy.

  • Nomination Form

    If you think that you meet the eligibility criteria and wish to put yourself forward as a candidate, then you will need to complete a nomination form which is available below.

  • Identity checks

    Our People team will contact you to enable us to complete fit and proper person, due diligence, and anti-money laundering checks.

  • Self-Assessment Questionnaire and interview

    As part of the Candidate Assessment Process (CAP), you will need to complete the candidate self-assessment questionnaire (the questionnaire) and have an interview with the CAP Panel. The questionnaire is available below. Your interview will consist of a series of questions and discussions designed to assist the CAP Panel make an informed assessment about your eligibility and capability as a potential Capricorn director. It is expected that the interview will take approximately 1 – 1½ hours. Further details will be provided in due course.

  • Curriculum Vitae (CV) and photo

    To put yourself forward as a candidate, you will need to complete a CV in the format required. The CV is a standardised template which will be used by all candidates and must not exceed two pages in length. The CV template is available below and is required to be received electronically.

    A high-resolution, professional, colour photo of yourself for inclusion in the CV is required. The photo can be provided in the format of a good quality digital print, or the original can be posted to The Company Secretary’s attention. More information regarding completion of the CV is contained within the Candidate Information Pack.

  • Personal Disclosure Form

    As part of any nomination, a personal disclosure form as to your good character is also required. The form is available to download below.

  • Director identification number (director ID)

    Company directors are now required by law to apply for a director ID. A director ID is a unique identifier that a director will apply for once and keep forever – which will help prevent the use of false or fraudulent director identities. Potential candidates must have an ID in place when they submit their applications for a director role.

    Further information regarding the director ID is contained in the Candidate Information Pack.

Important Information

Capricorn Candidate Assessment Process

As part of Capricorn’s 2022 director election process, we will be operating a mandatory candidate assessment process (CAP). Through CAP a candidate’s skills, experience and attributes relevant to the role of being a director are assessed and a rating is provided. If you are assessed as being eligible to nominate, your rating is included at a later date in information accompanying the voting materials for the director elections. The Capricorn assessment process does not endorse a particular candidate.

Further information concerning the CAP is contained in the Candidate Information Pack.

No canvassing

It is a requirement of the Capricorn election process that candidates must not canvass for votes. If any candidate does so, they will be disqualified from participating in Capricorn’s 2022 director elections.

The requirement means a candidate must not take active steps through any means to obtain or influence the vote of any Capricorn Member outside delivery of their CV as part of the voting materials distributed by Capricorn. Each candidate is given the opportunity through their CV to obtain the votes of Members.

Should a Member contact a candidate (on the number provided as part of their CV), then any candidate is free to answer any question concerning the CV to that Member.