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  • Making the most of your Capricorn membership

    Take 2 minutes and find out how to make the most of your membership from the people who know best - Capricorn Members!

  • Capricorn Trade Account & Reward Program

    At Capricorn, we’re a member based organisation committed to providing unmatched solutions for our Members. Our trade account and rewards program help business owners across Australia and New Zealand streamline their business operations. With instant credit for our extensive range of Preferred Suppliers, valuable reward points and a dedicated Capricorn Area Manager as your main point of contact, it’s easy to see the benefits of a Capricorn Membership.

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  • Preferred Suppliers & Purple Pages

    With instant access to a network of Preferred Suppliers, Capricorn members have first choice of a range of automotive parts, supplies and technical data throughout Australia.

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  • Capricorn Risk Services

    Capricorn Risk Services supports businesses in the automotive industry by offering tailored protection and insurance from motor trade specialists. Capricorn Risk Services offer you tailored protection and insurance from motor trade specialists. Watch the video to see what Capricorn Members have to say about Capricorn Risk Services.

  • Travel and Events at Capricorn

    With regular events exclusively for Members, Capricorn Travel have something happening almost every week. Whether you’re based in Perth, Australia, or overseas, our team of award-winning consultants at Capricorn Travel are ready to build your dream holiday.

    To learn more about travel and events at Capricorn, contact us today.

  • Stronger With Capricorn

    Stronger With Capricorn is about more than just strength in numbers. It’s about the strength that comes with being part of an extensive network forged by auto repairers, for auto repairers.
    The strength to grow your small business supported by Capricorn and Preferred Suppliers’ products and services.

    Thanks to the Capricorn alliance, any small business owner is ready for what happens next.