• Women in Collision

    iCar Aus

    by Mark Czvitkovits, i-Car Australia

    At I-CAR Australia we are lucky to have 5 incredible women who ensure the business administration tasks run seamlessly on a daily basis as well as having announced our first female board member last year.

    Our administration team not only look after invoicing, scheduling, data entry, they also answer a myriad of questions from repairers and insurers across the country, there desire to ensure the customer is totally looked after, no matter what the task may be.

    We are extremely fortunate to have a team that works well together even though we have offices in Brisbane and in Melbourne. Everyone is aware of the importance of working together regardless of distance. In any business, effective communication, processes and ownership of the tasks at hand help to ensure a smooth flow of work that can be monitored, measured and controlled.

    Our board is now also enhanced by Andrea McCarthy, who owns a Gold Class collision repair business in a regional area. She brings to the board an understanding of the difficulties regional Australia has in ensuring repairs remain at the high standard required.

    Quite often as our team travels the country for training or other industry presentations, the numerous comments on how helpful our administration team is and the ease at which they relay the answers to their many questions. For I-CAR Australia, as it is with other businesses, where multiple levels of administration are required, standardised procedures, ongoing training and listening to the employees in their roles with any suggestions for improvement will create a positive image for your business.

    Of course, the greatest importance is that everyone knows they are a vital part of the business, and are given the time and tools to do their work effectively. The positive experience our customers receive from their enquiries is a direct result of the culture at I-CAR Australia.

    It would be fair to say that the organisation in Australia would not be where it is today if our ladies were not as process orientated and confident in their ability to perform at the highest levels. There are numerous one on one discussions in areas where improvements can be made and as I-CAR moves into the next eighteen months of development and changes to a number of key areas, rest assured that everyone at I-CAR will be able to advise each and everyone of the changes.

    Every change we make affects every level of what we do behind the scenes and within the development stages, all of the administration team, instructors and senior management work together to plan each step of the process. This helps to ensure a complete understanding of what is required and how it affects every stage of the logistics of planning, delivering and recording training.

    It is very easy to simply rush into things, but our ladies are right o the buzzer when it comes to ensuring the task is done effectively. There is no greater benefit in developing procedures than to have all involved. In the case of I-CAR Australia, our ladies are the first point of contact with many new repairers as well as our current repair customers. It has been so rewarding visiting businesses around the country and the first comment is often to say thank you to the ladies at the other end.

    The collision industry is historically a predominantly male environment and we are seeing many successful women establishing themselves within this industry. There strengths will always provide business with a point that is often not addressed in a male environment, but the benefits of the contribution are enormous.

    The next time you call I-CAR Australia, you will speak to either Vanessa, Colleen, Lauren, Kelly or Natalie and I am sure they will provide you with all the information you need and more. After all, it is probably their words that will explain everything you will need when you train with I-CAR. So say hi and thank you and remember that the more females we have in the industry, the better balance we will see.  


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