• Investing for our Future

    - by Killen's Smash Repairs

    In November we upgraded one of our Pro Spot i4 Welders to the new full automatic i5, this machine has approval from Mercedes Benz Global and numerous other manufacturers, it offers many advantages but especially in its ability to automatically adjust to the type of metal being welded it also provides reporting information on every weld performed against job number.

    We also installed 2 Autoliner Mini Benches, these have been installed in the main workshop area to compliment the Car-o-liner and Chassis Mount Hardware that we already have in our Heavy Structural Area, the mini benches offer us the ability to clamp down and secure the vehicle properly to complete minor realignment and smaller structural jobs (i,e Quarter Panels, Sills Etc) this allows the Bigger Bench to be free for Heavy Chassis & Structural Repairs, our existing Spanessi Electronic Measuring System can easily work across all of the benches.

    The Guys love the Benches as it gets the work up to a nice height and can be used just as a hoist, this comes in especially handy for Bull Bars etc, and as we have 5 Panel Tradesman its looks like I will need to get a few more.

    This is in addition to our ongoing commitement to Quality Tooling and Training, with recent upgrades including Bosch 4 wheel Aligner & Alignment Hoist, Air Conditioning Service Equipment upgrade, diagnostic equipment upgrade, Air Compressor and Dryer Replacement etc.

    We continue to upgrade Technology and participate in I-Car Training etc to keep up with current trends and technology, but also to reinforce our principle that :

    "Vehicles must be repaired to a standard not a price"