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    Exclusive Member benefit

    Service know-how for thousands of vehicles.

    Capricorn Service Data gives you instant access to the most comprehensive range of online service information covering thousands of vehicles. It has manufacturers' service schedules, service illustrations, repair times and an estimate calculator.

    Powered by Autodata, whose global database features 34,000 vehicles from over 60 manufacturers, 96% cars on road coverage in Australia and 87% in New Zealand, 92,000 diagrams, 600,000 step-by-step procedures and 46,500 updates in the last 12 months, Capricorn Service Data is an exclusive Member service provided at no charge.

    CSD how to

    A tool for working smarter.

    With access to manufacturers' service schedules for thousands of vehicles, you can service a greater range of makes and models than ever before. And, by spending less time searching for the right information, you're creating more efficient technicians.

    Watch the video below for a Capricorn Service Data overview

    How to make the most of Capricorn Service Data - for Dealerships

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    How to make the most of Capricorn Service Data - for Smash Repairers

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    How to make the most of Capricorn Service Data - for Tyre Services

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    Access technical information when and where you need it.

    Capricorn Service Data uses Autodata to give you information when and where you need it. Simply login, find the vehicle make and model you're working on, and in seconds you'll see comprehensive service information, diagrams or procedures to make your job easier.


    Service schedules
    Service Illustrations
    Service indicator
    Service air conditioning
    Service Transmission


    Engine management*
    Camshaft drive system
    Auxiliary drive belts
    Diesel exhaust gas after treatment*


    Anti-lock brake systems*
    Wheel alignment
    Tyre pressures
    Electric parking brake
    Tyre pressure monitoring system

    Body & interior

    Key programming
    Air conditioning*


    Battery procedures
    Wiring diagrams*
    Diagnostic trouble codes
    Control module pin data*
    Electrical component locations
    Bulb Replacement


    Technical specification
    Repair times
    Known fixes & bulletins*
    VIN plate location
    Jacking mode
    Warning lamps and symbols

    *Available with the optional upgrade to Autodata's Diagnostic and Repair product.

    Your needs, our solution

    I need reliable, easy-to-access information designed for the vehicles I'm actually going to get through the door.

    You think there is one Nissan Navara - but they are made in Japan / Thailand / Spain and the specs are all different.

    I need a system that I can trust and gives me maximum benefit for minimum cost.

    We plan to grow the amount of new car business we do so we need the data or we look second rate.

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