• A Look Back At The Repair Industry and Capricorn in 2019

    Rob Mildenhall, Capricorn National Panel Manager

    Rob (small)

    What a year it’s been! From the outset we had preparations for the Collision Repair Expo in April, The CRA’s conference in New Zealand in May, and our very own inaugural Futures Collide Conference in August, followed by the NCR Futures Symposium and Paint & Panel Live in September and October.

    As we’ve seen in many areas of the collision trade media, Mike Anderson did a magnificent job in leading the delegates at Futures Collide through a myriad of topics, all based on the essential need to repair cars to the correct standards of safety and quality, whilst being compensated for the repairs at realistic and sustainable rates.

    These discussions have had us working hard with various providers of equipment, technology and service offerings, to bolster our supplier base here in Australia as well as New Zealand for our large base of collision repair members, many of whom use Capricorn Finance for these equipment upgrades, uniquely benefitting from these investments with Capricorn Reward Points earned on every dollar spent with our preferred suppliers.

    Our activities with vehicle OEMs, paint and equipment manufacturers has also taken significant steps forward, with Hyundai and Kia in their Brand Partner activities, as well as Axalta and AAMTECH (Septone) featuring strongly in member facing sponsorships and marketing activities.

    I have fielded many requests from other key stakeholders who didn’t make it to Futures Collide, asking if we’re going to host this event next year.

    Based on the these requests, we are proposing to host our next Futures Collide event with Mike Anderson in late August/September 2020, featuring a full seminar on a few highly topical and relevant subjects to be presented by Mike Anderson in WA, New Zealand with the main Futures Collide II being planned for QLD.

    With this in mind, Mike and I want to hear from you. What content would you like us to consider for such a seminar? Please follow the link to The Workshop below to help in launching the next Futures Collide event together, and thank you for your contribution.