• A Note From Rob Mildenhall

    Rob (small)

    Rob Mildenhall
    National Panel Manager

    Hi everyone!

    Industry predictions from last year were that the collision repair industry would experience more change in the next 2 years than had occurred in the last 20! Well that could almost be viewed as an understatement now, and we’re only in February.

    Hot news being covered internationally is the demise of the Holden brand in Australia and many debates have started on why and who’s to blame. I guess some will be accurate and some less so and based on emotive reasoning, but impact on the local industry is a certainty.

    On the international front, ADAS continues to dominate discussions between repairers and insurers with regard to the reimbursement for labour components of conducting pre and post-repair scans, together with the cost of either having these diagnostics conducted by 3rd parties or the repair shops themselves, as well as recognising that without these scans being conducted, there may be serious or fatal consequences should these vehicle be involved in accidents.

    That leads into the topic of safe repairs and industry standards, both of which will be ever present in industry forum discussions this year. Mark Czvitkovits from I-CAR’s article reflects on how much training is needed, and the great news that I-CAR are focused on helping assessors gain insights on the importance of ADAS and the absolutely mandatory need for scans and calibrations to be done…..irrespective of a light being illuminated on the dashboard or not.

    Safe Repair Methods, Minimum Industry Standards, Equipment and Training have to be key discussion topics in every collision business now as we look to the future of working with the ever increasing technology and complexity around vehicle repairs, and rest assured, this is not limited to the crash repairer segment we live in, but will increasing affect the other parts of the industry. Mandatory Data sharing and choice of repairer programs will also add to the melting pot of issues for all!

    Mark your calendars, Futures Collide II is in planning phase and we’re looking at Perth and Brisbane in the last week of August 2020 to have Mike Anderson from Collision Advice bring some more of the high value training and conferencing he’s so well known for!

    If you have issues or questions you’d like to discuss, please drop me a line through the Workshop portal!