CapLink Support

Common CapLink issues & how to resolve them

Your CapLink “Last Member Update” is off by more than 24-48hrs

CapLink updates usually get pushed once a night during business days. Supplier’s CapLink should automatically pick up the update without end user having to do anything pending that everything is working correctly. Is your “Last Member Update” up-to-date (can be found in the top left end corner of your CapLink)? If not you may have an issue. Please contact the support team for further assistance.

CapLink “Close Off Date” is wrong or not showing/appearing

CapLink should always have, under the “Last Member Update”, a “Close Off Date” listed that reflects the current cut-over/roll over period. Absence of a “Close Off Date” is usually an indication that CapLink has not updated correctly. Please contact your Capricorn support team for further assistance.

Automated emailed reports suddenly stop coming through

If set, your automated reports may be emailing you on regular basis reports relating to the state of your CapLink transactions. Automated reports are usually setup in supplier’s CapLink and are not posted by anyone at Capricorn. Reports suddenly not coming through on a regular schedule might be an indication of an issue. Please contact the CapLink support team if you identified an issue or would like to expand on some of the errors relating to a report you have received.

Transactions are stuck in a “Pending” or “Processing” state for more than 24hrs

CapLink should not have items listed as “Pending” / “Processing” (under Sent items) for more than 24hrs (unless notified otherwise by Capricorn). If transactions have been in the “Pending” / “Processing” state for over a day, transactions might be stuck or be unable to process and may require a reset /push through or some additional troubleshooting from the CapLink support team to resolve. Please contact CapLink support if you identify an issue with the state of your Trans.

Clicking on “Send / Receive” brings an error message

Clicking on Send / Receive can give you information in regards to the communication status between your Caplink and our gateway. Non-standard messages may appear and be an indication of an issue that needs resolving.

You cannot log into CapLink (Error messages)

If you get an error message about a MasterDb when trying to access CapLink, your CapLink related services may not be running on the main instance. If you have been provided with one, please try using the “Reset CapLink Services” file to restart the CapLink related services or get in touch with your CapLink support team for further assistance.

Remote Support

You may be asked to connect with our support staff via a TeamViewer session. To do so, can you kindly download and launch TeamViewer.

Download TeamViewer

Once loaded you will get a window similar to below (unless you are already running your own TeamViewer). We will need the ID and password to connect to the machine.  


If ever in doubt, please contact CapLink Support before roll over/ month's end to avoid any late payments due to untransmitted transactions.

For all your CapLink support needs, please contact the CapLink Support Team:

 By Email (Preferred Option)

Please include the following details in your email:

  • Supplier ID
  • Contact person name
  • Phone number
  • Description of issue


By Phone


1800 327 437

New Zealand

0800 401 444

and ask for "CapLink Support"