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Since 1974, we’ve understood what our Members are up against. That’s why we cover what’s important. Whether it’s parts from our Preferred Suppliers, finance, operations, diagnostics or business protection, we make sure our Members have access to what they need to run a successful business.
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Trade Account
Trade Account

The most important tool your workshop needs to go further.

Capricorn Rewards
Capricorn Rewards

Reward yourself, you've earned it.

Protect Against Risk
Protect Against Risk

Protection and insurance for your business from people in the business.

CAP ezi-finance
Equipment Finance

Invest in your business growth


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7 strategies for retaining staff long-term

How do you ensure you retain workshop staff long-term? We asked industry veteran and Capricorn Chairman Mark Cooper for his ideas.

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Are you acting on unconscious bias?

Do you make all your customers feel welcome, or do you only think you do? Could you be doing or saying things that are turning your customers off, without even knowing it? Could unconscious bias be costing your business and impacting your bottom line?

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Protecting your Business from Cyber Crime

Cyber crimes in Australia and New Zealand cost over $1 billion annually