• Capricorn membership makes it easier to run and grow your business

  • Stronger With Capricorn

    Stronger With Capricorn is about more than just strength in numbers. It’s about the strength that comes with being part of an extensive network forged by auto repairers, for auto repairers.
    The strength to grow your small business supported by Capricorn and Preferred Suppliers’ products and services.

    Thanks to the Capricorn alliance, any small business owner is ready for what happens next.

  • Capricorn was founded by its Members, for its Members

    Capricorn is a member based organisation proudly operating by cooperative principles to make it easier for its more than 21,000 Members to run and grow their automotive businesses.

    Easier because Capricorn Members enjoy instant trade credit with Capricorn’s extensive network of automotive suppliers throughout Australia and New Zealand.

    Easier because Capricorn Members benefit from simplified accounting as the hassle of multiple invoices from many different suppliers is replaced by the convenience of one very simple monthly bill.

    Easier because Capricorn Members can access so much more – from equipment finance to a fuel cardtravel services, risk protection and insurance

    And easier because Members earn valuable reward points which can be redeemed to purchase gift cards, event tickets, make supplier purchases, book travel and more.  

    About Capricorn Society

    Capricorn was established in 1974 by a small group of Western Australian service station owners to increase their buying power and level the playing field with the big multinational oil companies. We are a member based organisation proudly operating by cooperative principles to primarily support businesses in the automotive industry. Our approach allows our Members to better manage their businesses by saving time and money.

    We offer our Members a broader range of services, including equipment finance, travel services and business protection. Operating on cooperative principles means our Members are the owners too and are eligible to receive dividends, if declared. Members also enjoy regular social and networking events.

    Today, we have over 21,000 Members and over 2,500 committed Preferred Suppliers across Australia and New Zealand, all looking to support the automotive industry. The story behind our fantastic organisation is one in which we love to share. 

    To read more about it, you can download a copy of the “First 30” book, or email  csl@capricorn.coop to request your own personal copy.

  • 1970
    • Golden Fleece service station proprietors meet at conference in South Perth, Western Australia.
    • Group 11 formed being the precursor of Capricorn Society Cooperative.
    • A group of 17 like-minded service station operators meet and resolve to register the 'Capricorn Co-operative Limited'.
    • Capricorn leases its first premises, in Stirling Street, Perth, Western Australia
    • The Co-operative reports its first dividend to approximately 200 members.
    • Capricorn opens up its membership to mechanical workshops and later to the panel beating and other automotive industry areas.
    • Capricorn bought new premises in Abernethy Road, Belmont, Western Australia.
    • Abernethy Travel, a wholly owned subsidiary of the Capricorn Society is formed.
    • First Capricorn Convention (October) in Bali.
    • Move to premises in Welshpool Road, Welshpool.
    • Expand into the Eastern States markets.
    • Capricorn begins its operations in New South Wales.
    • Membership passes the 500 mark.
    • South Australian launch at the Adelaide Hotel.
    • Victoria joins the Capricorn network.
    • Queensland and Tasmania join the Capricorn network.
    • Membership passes the 1,000 mark and turnover of more than AU$50 million.
    • ACT forms part of the NSW zone and NT forms part of the SA zone.
    • Launch of Panel and Paint Division.
    • Membership passes 2,000.
    • Membership reaches 3,000.
    • Panel and Paint Division operating in all Australian states.
    • Capricorn Society buys 'Capricorn House' in Burswood Road, Victoria Park, Western Australia.
    • Capricorn expands offshore into New Zealand.
    • Capricorn is registered in the Republic of South Africa.
    • Membership passes 6,000.
    • Capricorn Mutual Limited becomes operational and licenced as an Australian Financial Services licensee, the first as a miscellaneous mutual risk product provider.
    • Supplier base passes 1,200.
    • Capricorn rolls out CAPlink technology.
    • Membership passes 9,000.
    • Capricorn listed 66th in Business Review Weekly's list of Australia's Top 500 Private Companies.
    • Capricorn member purchases exceed AU$500 million.
    • Capricorn Society Limited (ACN 008 347 313) is incorporated.
    • Capricorn Mutual Limited membership passes 3,000.
    • Capricorn becomes a full Australian member of the International Cooperative Alliance.
    • Capricorn Mutual obtains membership with the International Cooperative and Mutual Insurance Federation.
    • First Capricorn share buybacks occur.
    • Capricorn to expand into mutual management and financial services.
    • Capricorn Society Financial Services Pty Ltd (ACN 129 134 667) is incorporated.
    • Capricorn Mutual Management Pty Ltd (ACN 129 143 479) is incorporated.
    • Capricorn lodges its first Short Form Prospectus with ASIC.
    • Capricorn Mutual membership passes 4,000.
    • Capricorn membership passes 12,000.
    • Capricorn declares its first fully franked dividend.
    • Capricorn Technology Services Pty Ltd (ACN 140 316 942) ('CTS') is incorporated.
    • Social Business Australia Pty Ltd (ACN 142 242 108) is incorporated.
    • Capricorn member purchases exceed AU$950 million.
    • Capricorn accounts pass 13,000 and Capricorn Suppliers pass 2,000.
    • Capricorn member purchases exceed AU$1 billion.
    • Capricorn Insurance Services Pty Ltd incorporated.
    • Establishment of Business Council of Co-operatives and Mutuals Ltd.
    • Member purchases exceed A$1.2 billion.
    • Capricorn Management Services Pty Limited changes its name to Capricorn Risk Services Pty Limited.
    • Member purchases exceed A$1.3 billion.
    • Capricorn Risk Services is launched.
    • After almost 20 years in Capricorn House in Burswood, Capricorn moves to a new head office location at 28 Troode Street West Perth.
    • Member purchases exceed AU$1.4 billion.
    • Member numbers reach 18,500.
    • Member purchases exceed AU$1.54 billion.
    • Member numbers reach 21,000.
    • Member purchases exceed AU$2 billion.