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    One of Australasia's most generous reward programs

  • Capricorn Trade Account & Reward Program

    At Capricorn, we’re a member based organisation committed to providing unmatched solutions for our Members. Our trade account and rewards program help business owners across Australia and New Zealand streamline their business operations. With instant credit for our extensive range of Preferred Suppliers, valuable reward points and a dedicated Capricorn Area Manager as your main point of contact, it’s easy to see the benefits of a Capricorn Membership.

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  • The Capricorn Rewards Program is one of Australasia's most generous reward programs. It enables Members to earn 1.5 Capricorn Reward Points for every $1 spent on eligible purchases using their Capricorn Account. These points can then be redeemed to pay your Capricorn Account or used for other rewards such as Gift Cards.

    You Get

    Which Means

    1.5 Capricorn reward points for every $1 spent on eligible purchases on your Capricorn Trade Account.

    Every purchase you make gets you more points. The points you earn can be used in a variety of ways – from gift cards, Travel, Events, Equipment Finance deposits, and even towards paying off your Capricorn Trade Account.

    Bonus Reward Points from selected Preferred Suppliers.

    Earn even more – double or triple the value of your regular Reward Points with our monthly Preferred Supplier offers.

    Easy points redemption.

    Once you are a shareholder Member, you can simply redeem your points online at any time by visiting the Capricorn Member portal and clicking on ‘rewards’.

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  • Other things to know

    • Trial Members can earn reward points but cannot redeem them until they become a shareholder Member. When you qualify for shareholder membership, you will receive a letter advising you to contact your Area Manager to organise applying to become a shareholder.
    • Participation in the Capricorn Rewards Program is subject to the Capricorn Rewards Program Terms and Conditions
    • For most redemptions, the rate of conversion is 100 points for $1 AU unless otherwise stated

    Reward Point Exclusions

    Some purchases on your Capricorn Account are not eligible for earning reward points or may earn reward points at a different rate:  


    • Purchases directly from Capricorn, including Capricorn Events and any purchases from AutoBoost or Teamly do not earn any Capricorn Reward Points.

    • Purchases on the Capricorn WEX Motorpass Fuel Card earn 1 reward point per $1, excluding applicable Card Fees, Service Fees and Surcharges, which do not earn reward points.

    • Purchases from Preferred Suppliers PFD Food Services (000739), Cambell's Cash n Carry (002004), MTA SA (009168), MTA WA (000047), MTA NSW (004067), MTA QLD (140092), MTA ACT (120003), MTA NT (150183), I.A.M.E (002708), IAME Capezi (190110), and I-Car (140478) earn 1 reward point per $1.


    •  Purchases directly from Capricorn, including Capricorn Events and any purchases from AutoBoost or Teamly do not earn any Capricorn Reward Points.

    •  Purchases earning 1 reward point per $1 spent include those on the Capricorn Mobil Fuel Card.