Tools to make your business stronger.

An exclusive Member benefit. Boost your business operations with this collection of workshop checklists, customer service guides, advertising templates, staff forms and more.


AutoBoost is a new Capricorn Member benefit for small workshops with big plans. You’ll find hundreds of time saving tools to take your business to the next level.

 Boost Business Operations with equipment and building maintenance reports and other time saving forms and checklists.

Boost Marketing with online and print advertising templates you can purchase as well as an SMS system.

Boost Customer Service with guides to build stronger relationships with your customers to keep them coming back.

Boost Employee Management with time saving tools covering everything from recruitment to rostering.

 While you might not need every available tool, there’s likely a tool to help you save time and achieve your goals.

You Get

Which Means

Access to a range of resources, including industry specific checklists, customer service guides, advertising templates, staff forms and more.

Which Means

You have the resources you need to boost your business operations, marketing, customer service and employee management. Take the time to explore the site and see what you can use to streamline your business.

Access to an SMS System with customer focused templates.

Which Means

An efficient and professional way to contact your customers.

    • Get a Bigger Boost with Teamly
      • Access to Policy & Procedure templates
      • A Noticeboard to post key communications for your staff to read
      • Staff Access to AutoBoost
      • A simple electronic Leave Request option
      • Incident Register
      • Plant & Equipment Register
      • Suggestion Box
      • Audit Trail
      • Ability to set up Key Contacts