CAP ezi-parts

Makes finding car parts simple

Exclusive service for Capricorn Members - submit a request and let our Preferred Suppliers locate the parts and prices

CapEzi Parts
CAP ezi-parts

CAP ezi-parts takes the hassle out of tracking down hard to find parts. With this free service, exclusively available to Capricorn Members in New Zealand, all you need to do is submit a parts request online. Your request is then distributed throughout Capricorn’s huge network of Preferred Suppliers who will track down the parts on your behalf and email you back with prices to compare. Now integrated with Car-Jam, finding the right part, first time is as easy as entering the plate number into your search.

    • As easy as:
      • Login to MyCap Portal with your Member number
      • Click on “CAP ezi-parts”
      • Enter the vehicle’s plate number to autofill search fields
      • Select the part you need and submit the request
      • Wait for Preferred Suppliers to email you back with prices