Capricorn Society Annual General Meeting

The 2022 Capricorn Society annual general meeting (AGM) was held on Wednesday 19 October 2022, and we are pleased to share the main outcomes.

23 November 2022

Director Elections results

Capricorn is a member-based organisation and Member representation on the board helps ensure Members’ interests are safeguarded. Member directors use their skills, knowledge and expertise in the industry to help ensure Capricorn is delivering for Members, reflecting Members’ interests and living up to Capricorn’s promises and values.

Capricorn Members in both the West Australian (WA) and Queensland (QLD) zones were invited to vote for a new Member director to represent their zone on the Capricorn board.

Capricorn is proud to announce the next Member directors:

  • In WA, Nigel Oborne is the new Member-elected director replacing Julie Wadley, who has now retired.
  • In QLD, Mark Rowe is the new Member-elected director replacing David Kemp, who has also retired.

Nigel Oborne

Nigel Oborne


Mark Rowe 

Mark Rowe



On behalf of the team at Capricorn, we welcome both of our new Member directors to their new roles and look forward to working with them.

We also take this opportunity to thank Julie Wadley and David Kemp. Both retired after eight years of dedicated service as the West Australian and Queensland Member-elected directors. Both elected in 2014, Julie and David have been passionate and dedicated members of the Capricorn Society board. Their love for the automotive industry, for Capricorn and its Members, has always been evident. On behalf of the board, thank you Julie and thank you David, all the very best to you and your families.

“I have been involved in the automotive industry for over 49 years and I must say being a WA director has been the icing on the cake, and I am very thankful for such an amazing opportunity to be part of Capricorn history. I also wish all the best to the new WA director Nigel Oborne.” Julie Wadley at the WA Gala Dinner

To learn more about our directors visit capricorn.coop/about/our-directors

Capricorn Annual General Meeting

At the 2022 Capricorn AGM Members approved the selective share buy-back resolution meaning that Members can continue to sell their shares back to Capricorn *

At the meeting, Members also:

  • ratified the renewed appointment of Mario Pirone as an independent director for a term commencing 1 July 2022 and ending 30 June 2026;
  • passed a special resolution approving amendments to Capricorn’s existing constitution to allow Member directors to act for three full terms. This amendment will allow Capricorn to utilise the experience and corporate knowledge of directors who have served two terms, but who would currently be precluded from serving a third.

* Shares are issued by Capricorn Society Limited (ACN 008 347 313). No offer of shares is made in this publication. An offer of shares will only be made in, or accompanied by, Capricorn’s Prospectus and any supplementary prospectus which is available on request or may be viewed at Corporate Documents.” Before making any decision to apply for shares you should consider the Prospectus and any supplementary prospectus. Any application for shares must be made on the application form in or accompanying the Prospectus.