How you can further streamline business operations with Woolworths at Work

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Your Capricorn Trade Account gives you a lot more than just parts. Take advantage of Woolworths at Work to save even more time and hassle as you consolidate more business expenses.

Whether it’s coffee and snacks to keep your team running, cleaning products or stationery for the office, Woolworths at Work can help you run your business more efficiently and effectively.

The business platform also promises national and consistent pricing options on a range of products providing cost predictability for easier forecasting too. With flexible pick-up and delivery options added for your convenience, what are you waiting for?

To take advantage and start shopping, simply register your Woolworths at Work account. This can be done by logging into and clicking on the Woolworths at Work links.

Once activated as a user, you will be able to login and shop online at any time and benefit from:

  • Business products and pricing
    From bananas to biros and coffee to cleaning wipes, Woolworths at Work offers a wide range of products focused for workplaces which means you can get everything you need, without having to trawl through thousands of products not relevant to businesses.
  • Increase your Member returns
    Woolworths at Work is an easy way to increase your cooperative buying power and increase your returns from Capricorn.
  • Discount your shopping
    Capricorn Members earn 1 x Capricorn Rewards point on every $1 spent. Use these points to effectively discount your purchases or save them up for something special.
  • Free next day delivery
    On orders over $99*.

Capricorn CEO David Fraser said the introduction of Woolworths at Work as a new Preferred Supplier was done as part of Capricorn’s ongoing commitment to streamlining Member’s businesses.

“We’re always looking to help our Members get more value from their business purchases. With Woolworths at Work providing an easier, smarter and healthier way to shop, I am pleased to announce this now includes groceries too.”

The new service has proved popular with Members who helped test the new offering.

“The website is easy to navigate and the search function allows the user to quickly select the required products and add them to the shopping cart. Check-out is also quick and easy as no immediate payment needs to be made as the account is linked to Capricorn,” Ben Schwartzkopff of Rosenthal Crash Repairs said.

For more information on how Woolworths at Work can benefit your business, speak to your Area Manager or call us on 1800 327 437.

Login to to sign up to Woolworths at Work today.

*Only applicable in non-remote areas where delivery is available, and for an 8-hour window.

This article was published 12/07/2021 and the content is current as at the date of publication.