Autodata releases hundreds of tech and diagnostic videos

Mechanics using an electronic diagnostic tool

In a move set to revolutionise how workshops in Australia and New Zealand access technical data and problem-solve repairs, Autodata has just released hundreds of online technical training videos on its platform.

Capricorn Service Data, which is powered by Autodata, is included in your Capricorn membership. It gives you access to 150 of Autodata’s service and maintenance videos. You can also upgrade to a Diagnostic & Repair subscription for a monthly fee and get automatic and unlimited access, on demand, to the full library of more than 350 technical and training videos as well as additional diagnostic and wiring information.

Launched on 1 October, the videos include high-quality on-demand training modules and diagnostic videos covering everything from electrical, engine, chassis, drivetrain, driver assistance, HVAC, diagnostics and servicing to hybrid and electric vehicles.

Autodata says the video content “seamlessly combines with our officially licenced OEM data across 175 manufacturers to create a winning package of service, maintenance, diagnostic and repair information”.

The release of hundreds of hours of training and diagnostic information will be a boon for workshop efficiency. Eighteen per cent of Capricorn Members who participated in this year’s State of the Nation said that accessing technological information and diagnostics was one of the biggest challenges they faced in their business. We also know from State of the Nation that when Members hit a technical problem they’ve never come across before, threequarters search for information online, more than half spend time working it out on their own, and more than two in five will call a mechanic at another workshop, ahead of using a tech info product like Autodata or Capricorn Service Data.

Most of the videos are no longer than 10 minutes, are delivered by experts, and feature real vehicles and detailed 3D animations. That makes it an easy and affordable opportunity for Capricorn Members to upskill and train employees — which is a powerful option in light of the industry’s ongoing skills shortage and the expected explosion in hybrids and EVs into the marketplace.

Autodata Sales and Product Director Jonathan Sampson said since Autodata was founded in the UK in 1972, its goal has been to support aftermarket workshops with access to up-to-date, expert OEM technical information in a standardised, accessible format.

“We are proud to cover 99 per cent of vehicles on the road in key markets,” he said.

“To be able to provide 24/7 onsite technical support and full expert training in one service to our customers is thanks to our modern, innovative approach to helping dealers get to the root of the problem faster and our understanding that workshop technicians require continual help not only with learning how to deal with new technology but with providing the basics that can often be forgotten if not used.”

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This article was published 03/11/2022 and the content is current as at the date of publication.