Autodata technical specifications deep dive

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Your complimentary Capricorn Service Data service, powered by Autodata, provides the tech specs you need to carry out service and maintenance jobs.

Sourced directly by OE information, Autodata’s tech data includes key information such as:

Vehicle identification – This section includes core model stats such as number of cylinders, the ignition and fuel system, suitability for unloaded petrol and air metering type.

Ignition system – Includes ignition coil supply voltage and where appropriate a diagram of the firing order. Symptoms of a faulty ignition coil can include misfires, poor acceleration or loss of power, or the ECU switching to limp-home mode.

Tuning and emissions – Includes ignition timing, idle speed, and key information for CO tests, such as oil temperature and CO and CO2 levels at idle.

Spark plugs – This section includes information on original equipment spark plugs and electrode gaps for the model.

Fuel system – Contains fuel feed and main pump delivery pressure – essential when carrying out a test to check whether a fuel pump needs to be replaced.

Service checks and adjustments – Contains the valve clearance, compression pressure, radiator cap pressure and oil pressure by rpm.

Lubricants and capacities – This section contains engine oil grade by ambient temperature range as well as manual transmission oil grade, and step by step instructions for automatic transmission fluid drain and refill.

Tightening torques – Tightening torques and sequences across cylinder head, main and big end bearings, sump bolts, flywheel/driveplate bolts, crankshaft pulley and more, including diagrams and adhesive quantities where appropriate. It also includes chassis tightening torques. Don’t forget that Capricorn Service Data also includes tyre and TPMS bolt torques under the Tyres module!

Starting and charging – Battery settings and capacities you’ll need to diagnose a nonstarting vehicle

Brake disc and drum dimensions – Manufacturer-supplied minimum disc and pad thickness for replacement, with variances where appropriate for electric parking brake (EPB).

Air conditioning – Here you’ll find both the core information on the air con system for the vehicle as well as refrigerants, air conditioning oil and viscosity stats. Autodata also has full engine bay and wiring diagrams available for air conditioning for Diagnostic & Repair customers – contact for more details.

Matt Taylor, Autodata’s Content Support Team Leader in Australia, says: “Relying on old manuals or, worse, Google searches, can you leave you open to consumer complaints if something goes wrong after a job. Being able to point to manufacturer-recommended technical data used in a job is huge for workshops – and having that data available on PC or tablet while working on the car is a godsend.”

Autodata has recently added tech spec notifications for vehicles with height-adjustable suspension and for EVs with best practice for servicing, making it even easier to get at-a-glance information to start the job.

Capricorn Service Data comes free with your Capricorn membership and grants access to repair times, technical data, service illustrations and much more for over 34,000 models and 142 manufacturers. Click here to get started with Capricorn Service Data today!

Get more repair information: Autodata Diagnostic & Repair is the top level of Autodata’s workshop application, offering even more specialised technical data for garages, including:

  • Diagnostic trouble codes with common faults and fixes to help you get started
  • Full-colour interactive wiring diagrams
  • Control module pin data and component testing values
  • Engine management
  • Electronic component locations

For more information on Diagnostic & Repair, contact Autodata at

This article was published 21/04/2022 and the content is current as at the date of publication.