Could equipment failure leave you unable to trade?

Person in workshop

When you think about the kind of things that can interrupt your business operation, you probably imagine major events like fires and floods.

But not everything that could bring your business to a grinding halt is the kind of event that makes the news. Often, it’s something much closer to home — a piece of equipment you rely on to trade goes kaput.

So, what would you do then? What’s your Plan B if a piece of equipment fails and stops you being able to operate as normal?

Capricorn Risk Services’ New South Wales and Australian Capital Territory Sales Manager Rob Sedkey said while more than half of Members have business interruption protection, only 30% have the kind of protection that covers them in the event of equipment failure.

“You may have seen this referred to as machinery breakdown or electronic equipment breakdown cover, at Capricorn Mutual we simply refer to engineering,” Rob said.

“It doesn’t just relate to you being an engineer, it relates to any machinery, or electronic component.

Rob said while business protection for equipment failure doesn’t cover for “wear and tear”, it is an incredibly valuable form of protection against some major risks.

“Say you’re a smash repairer and you’ve got compressors, welders, spray booths and other electronic equipment,” Rob said. “It’s worth a lot of money. Some spray booths can be worth around $100,000 or even up to $200,000. When you add up all the electronic equipment in your workshop it can be worth well above $20,000 and upwards of $50,000 or more.

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“What happens if there’s a power surge or a major malfunction due to an unforeseen circumstance? You could be out of pocket tens of thousands of dollars.”

Rob said business interruption protection for equipment breakdown includes not just traditional pieces of machinery but also electronic equipment like laptops, air conditioners and even CCTV cameras.

“We had one Member who had a really large workshop and, therefore, really quite an intricate CCTV system they’d spent a lot of money on,” Rob said. “Believe it or not, a possum climbed into one of the nearby substations, so the power company had to turn off the power to fix things.

“When they turned it back on it created a major surge to many businesses in the area — and we’re talking major voltage — that was so powerful the kill switches in the workshop couldn’t stop it. It fried about seven cameras.”

Rob said the claim amount to replace the CCTV cameras came to about $26,000 and was covered by the Member’s ‘Engineering section’.

Business interruption can happen in ways you don’t expect and couldn’t foresee — like one poor possum making a bad decision. To avoid the heartache of business interruption, Rob recommends creating a checklist of all the machinery and electronic equipment in your workshop, or associated with your business, and then calling your Risk Account Manager to make sure you are protected.

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This article was published 18/03/2022 and the content is current as at the date of publication.