Using your diagnostic time effectively

People looking at car engine

With the Right to Repair legislation due to take effect later this year, vehicle information and data will be more accessible than ever.

So how do you make sure you are using your diagnostic time effectively? Here are some quick tips.

Talk to Your Customer

Initial communication with the customer is crucial in identifying and understanding an issue. A few extra minutes of enquiry could save you hours in diagnostic time. As some customers won’t have the vocabulary to properly explain the issue, asking the right questions will ensure you get all the relevant information, helping you diagnose the issue faster.

Utilise Available Resources

Capricorn Service Data is one resource that is available to all Capricorn Members that will significantly reduce diagnostic time, giving your workshop a competitive advantage. Instead of spending hours manually searching through logbooks or researching online, Capricorn Service Data gives you instant access to the most comprehensive range of online service information covering thousands of vehicles. It has manufacturers' service schedules, service illustrations, repair times and an estimate calculator. Powered by Autodata, whose global database features 34,000 vehicles from over 60 manufacturers, Capricorn Service Data is an exclusive Member service provided at no charge.

Invest in Training

Training your staff to specialise and fine tune their diagnostic skills will save time in the long run, while also increasing customer satisfaction and loyalty. Investing in training will increase your staff’s ability to diagnose an issue quickly and confidently, reassuring your customers that they are in the best hands. Diagnostic proficiency is an opportunity to create a significant point of difference for your workshop, increasing efficiency and providing a strong competitive edge.

This article was published 25/03/2022 and the content is current as at the date of publication.