Panel and Paint Industry Update September 2021

Panel June 2021

For every Member in the collision business, ADAS has become an increasingly common acronym used every day

So much so, that Members are likely struggling with concept fatigue and starting to disconnect from considering the impact this technology will have on the future of their business.

However, here are the positives of ADAS we are already seeing in the market:

  • It has encouraged repairers to optimise their operations around ADAS and consider their cost modelling to adapt for more complex work.
  • Raised the profile of complex chassis and supplementary systems and the repair methods required to be able to conduct safe repairs. Greater access to the OEM’s has been a big win here.
  • Highlighted the requirements for specialised technicians to accommodate the complex technological systems in today’s vehicles. This sheer quantity of technology in cars will only grow exponentially over time so preparing for tomorrow, today will help set collision businesses up for the future.
  • Early adapters to the changing market are able to specialise, gain certification and benchmark themselves ready for new opportunities and a wider pool of work.

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GM Trade Parts have recently clarified when pre and post scans are to be conducted, including extra information on post-repair safety inspections. Find out more on the GM Trade Parts website.

3M have recently released a series of videos following two fourth year apprentices refurbishing a Nissan Skyline GT-R. You can see more of their project on the 3M YouTube channel.

This article was published 20/09/2021 and the content is current as at the date of publication.