State of the Nation Webinars Recap

SoN Webinar Series - Episode 1

Bringing together industry leaders, research, and analysis - the Capricorn State of the Nation webinar series explores thought provoking insights from Capricorn’s State of the Nation 2021 report.

The webinar series provides you with direct access to information that can help you grow your business, and you can rewatch them all below. 

Webinar One

How do we solve the auto industry skills shortage?

In State of the Nation 2021 Members told us finding qualified technicians is one of the biggest challenges they faced—and it was the industry’s top challenge overall. The problem is particularly acute for panel and paint, tyre and suspension, and larger/chain workshops.

So, what can we do about it?

What can Members do to attract and retain the best talent that’s out there? And what role do apprentices play in ensuring a pipeline of talent into the future?

David Fraser is joined by the AAAA’s Lesley Yates for a chat about combating the skills shortage and encouraging a new generation of qualified technicians into auto.

Webinar Two

Workshop hacks: Tips for boosting efficiency and profitability

Following last year’s popular webinar on how to increase profits by charging what you are worth, Capricorn’s Chief Executive Officer of Automotive, Bradley Gannon, is back with more tips and tricks to help Members boost their efficiency and profitability.

From tips on how to calculate labour charge-out rates and margins on parts to considering diagnostic costs and strategies for reducing staff turnover, Bradley joins David Fraser for a wide ranging, but very practical discussion designed to put more money in the pockets of Members.

Find out the secrets of the most efficient and profitable workshops and automotive businesses in the industry.

Webinar Three

How to create a great workplace culture and transform your business

Attracting and retaining great staff, including skilled technicians, is not all about the pay on offer. It’s  also about the culture of the workplace.

Do your staff feel part of the team? Are they learning and developing in terms of what they want to do? And, ultimately, are they enjoying themselves in the job they’re doing?

So, how do you create a workplace culture that’s attractive to the very best talent? Craig Baills, from Highfield Mechanical and the ARCA council, joins David Fraser for a conversation filled with strategies, ideas, tips and insights.

Webinar Four 

The times are a-changin’: Tech, EVs and futureproofing your business

Keeping up with technology is expensive and time-consuming but continuing to invest in tools and training is vital to the longevity of our businesses—as is ensuring good access to technical information and diagnostics.

What decisions and investments should Members be making now to set themselves up for the future? What are the pitfalls and mistakes to avoid? And how will the switch to electric vehicles fundamentally change our jobs, businesses and place in the auto industry?

David Fraser is joined by Rick Parker from Hyundai to talk about upcoming advances in technology, including EVs, and how and why Members need to get their businesses ready.

This article was published 21/12/2021 and the content is current as at the date of publication.