The National Collision Repairer's Symposium2021 - Panorama

Symposium 2021

Symposium 2021 "Panorama" is an opportunity to engage with Entrepreneurial Women, Movers and Shakers and Future Leaders of the Panel and Paint Industry!

The National Collision Repairer has announced Symposium2021, to be held on Thursday 15 July at the Park Royal Monash in Melbourne. Titled Panorama, the symposium will offer a broad perspective of the key issues taking place in the panel and collision repair industry today.

This event will cover:

  • The latest developments from the OEMs and the impact on the industry
  • Update on electrification and automation of the car parc
  • Overview of the structural changes within the industry
  • The new legislative framework
  • Attraction and retention of the next generation of technicians.
 Mike Anderson

Following his highly successful appearance at Capricorn’s Futures Collide in 2019,

Capricorn has teamed up with the National Collision Repairer and announces that the keynote speaker will be Mike Anderson, of Collision Advice, a leading industry research, reference and consulting business in the USA.

Mike is an Accredited Automotive Manager (AAM) and has served on numerous industry advisory committees. He is widely recognised by the industry and received an award from the Governor of the State of the Virginia for his contribution to the Virginia State Education System.

Mike has kindly agreed to take some time out from his in-demand teaching obligations and advisory board responsibilities across North America to broadcast the keynote address from the USA. He will discuss cutting edge collision repair business management and operational techniques that will set the framework for two highly interactive panel discussions featuring representatives from manufacturers, repairers, leaders in technology, industry innovators and other stakeholders.

Meet some of the true Entrepreneurial Women in Automotive, the industry’s Movers and Shakers and of course, the next generation of Leaders of the Industry, all of whom are well placed to discuss how we can best navigate the current issues we are all facing in today’s collision industry landscape.

Whether you are a collision repair professional, a supplier to the industry, or a stakeholder representing a broader client base, this is a great opportunity to hear from those at the cutting edge of what’s happening in the panel and collision repair industry.

This is a highly anticipated event, so we encourage Members to register early and take advantage of the collective experience and knowledge of the presenters and attendees.

Registrations are now open, with early bird offers available.


More information can be found here

This article was published 28/05/2021 and the content is current as at the date of publication.