Trade Volume Rebate for Capricorn Members

Two men in workshop

It can pay to be a Capricorn Member. This year we’re excited to return $15 Million to Members by way of a Trade Volume Rebate.

At Capricorn, we like to think we have the best Members. Through strength and struggle, you demonstrate great resilience, enthusiasm and dedication to the automotive industry.

And in perfect demonstration, after another challenging year, we are proud to announce Member purchases from Preferred Suppliers reached $2.6 billion, up 18.4% on 2020’s results – and indeed another record year.

Because Capricorn is a Member owned cooperative organisation, our financial results are your results too. They reflect your grit and tenacity, as well as the grit and tenacity of the entire Australian and New Zealand automotive industry. That’s $2.6 billion reinvested in the Capricorn ecosystem, making the Australian and New Zealand automotive industry a stronger, more sustainable place.

Due to such a successful year, we are excited to be able to provide a Trade Volume Rebate to all Capricorn Members. In September you will receive a share of $15 million being returned to Members by way of Capricorn Bonus Points.

The Trade Volume Rebate is a big thank you for the support Capricorn Members have displayed over the previous 12 months and an injection we can make to Member businesses for their future sustainability.

Trade Volume Rebates are awarded as Capricorn Bonus Points and are in proportion to trade account spend. So the more purchases you put on your Capricorn Trade Account, the more you get back from Capricorn and the larger your Trade Volume Rebate.

It’s another way it pays to be a Capricorn Member.

Every day, in hundreds of ways, we’re striving to support you and your business and show that we really are stronger together. We’re proud to be an organisation that has no ongoing membership fees and instead returns our accumulated value to the people at the heart of our business, our Members.

You will find your Trade Volume Rebate on your September Member statement as part of your Capricorn Bonus Points balance and included as part of your Capricorn Wealth Certificate. Keep an eye on your inbox to receive your Wealth Certificate, that also includes a summary of other financial benefits you have recently received.

Easy ways to get more back

The Capricorn cooperative model is simple. The more Members spend through their trade accounts, the more they get back. So how can you increase the amount you purchase through Capricorn without increasing your overall business expenses? It's as easy as looking in your Capricorn Purple Pages for more than your parts purchases. You can also purchase products and services essential to running a business on your trade account.

From stationery and office supplies to safety and PPE, and even your electricity and internet, you can find a range of Preferred Suppliers offering everything a business needs in the Workshop Equipment and Business Essentials section of your Purple Pages. Look for the green and orange tabs next time you pick up your Purple Pages.  

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This article was published 01/10/2021 and the content is current as at the date of publication.