Mercedes-Benz collaborates with Avatar: The Way of Water

Futuristic Mercedes-Benz collaboration with Avatar The Way of Water

Mercedes-Benz is entering the next phase of its strategic brand collaboration with Avatar: The Way of Water and 20th Century Studios, which aims to embed themes such as sustainability, mobility of the future, technology and innovation within an emotional brand experience.

This marks the start of a global co-promotion campaign for the much-anticipated movie Avatar: The Way of Water from 20th Century Studios. Building on the campaign idea of “Earth is our Pandora”, the messaging focuses on responsibility to our planet, reinforcing the central Mercedes-Benz corporate messaging: Every action counts – join our journey to a fully electric future. Exclusive film footage shows Avatar: The Way of Water’s vibrant environmental imagery and locations on earth to evoke a dreamlike sense of otherworldliness, as campaign assets depict fully electric vehicles from Mercedes EQ, including the new EQE SUV.

The campaign will play out across key Mercedes-Benz markets worldwide, with assets covering TV, cinema, and digital and social media, completing a circle that debuted with the Vision AVTR concept vehicle, which was inspired by the world of Avatar.

The back of the Mercedes-Benz has bionic flaps

“Avatar is one of the most successful film franchises in the world, with a message that is also central to the Mercedes ethos and the targets set out in our ‘Ambition 2039’. We share the belief that we need a more respectful approach to nature and that we must conserve its resources. This co-promotion with Avatar: The Way of Water is part of our journey as a company. We salute the narrative of the Avatar story regarding the need to strike a balance between environmental, economic and social interests. It is a source of inspiration as we pursue our sustainable business strategy,” said Ola Källenius, CEO of Mercedes Benz Group AG.

James Cameron, director, writer and producer of Avatar: The Way of Water, added: “Together with Mercedes-Benz, we have created a campaign grounded in the storytelling of the world of Pandora that further showcases our shared values of community, respect for the world we live in and sustainability. We look forward to seeing this campaign come to life and sharing our new film with fans around the world.”

The Mercedes Benz fleet will be electric-only by 2030, wherever market conditions allow. Its portfolio now encompasses eight battery-electric vehicles and three performance models from Mercedes AMG, meaning the company already offers an all electric model in every segment in which it is represented.

Mercedes EQ models and visionary concept cars tell the story of what can be achieved now and in the future through innovation, teamwork and a shared determination to preserve resources. The Vision EQXX research vehicle, unveiled in early 2022, offers a tangible and completely realistic way forward for electric vehicle technology and future sustainability. Meanwhile, the Vision AVTR concept vehicle presented at CES 2020 in Las Vegas embodies the vision of Mercedes-Benz designers, engineers and trend researchers for mobility in the distant future.

“By highlighting the fusion of bionic design and technology, the campaign messaging aims to strengthen the importance of the coming together and co-existence of humankind and nature,” says Bettina Fetzer, Mercedes-Benz AG communications and marketing vice president. “The co-promotion campaign starting today is another milestone in the collaboration between Mercedes-Benz and the creators of Avatar: The Way of Water, and to date is the most extensive brand collaboration between Mercedes-Benz AG and a film.”

The Mercedes-Benz Vision AVTR is the result of an extraordinary global collaboration between Avatar, one of the most innovative film brands in the entertainment industry, and Mercedes-Benz, the world’s eighth most valuable brand. The name of the ground breaking concept vehicle stands for “advanced vehicle transformation”. The biometric connection in the autonomous concept vehicle enables a completely new interaction between human, machine and nature.

The Mercedes-Benz has a taut "one-bow" lines and organic design.

Its taut “one-bow” lines and organic design language combine the exterior and interior into an emotional whole. Sustainable materials such as vegan Dinamica leather made from recycled materials, fast-growing Karuun (rattan) that can only thrive in biodiversity, and organic, compostable battery technology create a closed-loop economy. Thirty-three bionic flaps on the back of the vehicle can communicate with the outside world – with and through the driver – using naturally flowing movements in subtle gestures. Instead of a conventional steering wheel, the Vision AVTR has a multifunctional control element in the centre console. When passengers place their hand on the control, the interior comes to life, and the vehicle recognises them by their heart rate. When the user simply raises their hand, the intelligent system projects a menu selection onto the palm, allowing the user to choose intuitively between different functionalities.

This is yet another step into what will be a truly exciting future for our industry.

This article was published 13/02/2023 and the content is current as at the date of publication.