Having a say in the future of Capricorn

Meet Member Director Mark Rowe.


Mark Rowe is passionate about tackling the challenges facing our industry.

“With electric vehicles coming, we can’t stay where we’ve been — we have to change with the technology,” he said. “I wanted to be involved in that transformation of the industry, and of Capricorn, to make the flow of information to repairers easier.”

Mark is an auto-electrician and runs two workshops — Rowe Auto Electrical and Jimboomba Batteries. He’s been a Capricorn Member since 1999 and in late 2022 was elected a Member Director for Queensland. He stood for election because he believes strongly in the way Capricorn works and the convenience it brings to his business.

“I also wanted to give back to the industry because it’s been very good to me,” he said. “The previous Member Director (for Queensland) was retiring and I was in a position to do it. I thought it would be a good opportunity to have some sort of say in the direction of Capricorn.”

Since being elected, Mark has been involved in several projects including working with the Capricorn team on training, planning for the transition to electric vehicles and improving information flow to repairers.

Capricorn is currently looking for an energetic Member from South Australia or the Northern Territory to stand for election to the Capricorn Board as Member Director.

If you’re passionate about the challenges facing our industry and how we should respond to them, or even if you just want a hand in deciding the direction of Capricorn itself in the face of quickly evolving market conditions, becoming a Member Director is a great opportunity to drive the change you want to see.

Mark, who as Vice President of the Vehicle Air-conditioning Specialists of Australia is no stranger to boards, said being a Capricorn Member Director had given him skills and opportunities that helped him grow his own business.

Since joining the board, he’s completed the directors’ course with the Australian Institute of Company Directors. (All Member Directors who plan to seek a second term are given the opportunity to do the course.)

So, what makes a good Capricorn Member Director?

“You’ve got to be passionate,” Mark said. “You’ve got to be prepared to dig in and have a go. This is a chance to make a difference to the industry and it’ll really open your eyes to a few things. But it also gives you skills and exposes you to ideas you can take back to your own business.”

Nominations open on Tuesday, 21 May 2024. For more information, download the Candidate Information Pack at cap.coop/elections
This article was published 15/03/2024 and the content is current as at the date of publication.