Supercharge Your Local Automotive Market Knowledge and Boost Your Business

Supercharge Your Local Automotive Market Knowledge and Boost Your Business

Car parc is a powerful tool to provide insights into your local vehicle sales.

New Zealand Car Parc Data

Getting access to high quality data about the Australian car parc can be tough. To quote the X Files, the truth is out there, but it’s not always easy to get your hands on. Looking at NZ though, it’s a very different story. The NZ Transport Agency publishes a monthly snapshot of vehicle registration data, providing detailed vehicle information (including 11 digit VIN), as well as data around location and usage (private vs. commercial). Find it all HERE.

Australian Car Parc Data

The AAAA Member Car Parc Data Tool is a powerful free resource designed to allow you to dig into information about the age and types of vehicles in your local area and the demographics of the owners. This resource is easy to use and simply inputting a Local Government Area can give you the targeted information you need to better understand the market you are working in and the changes you may need to make to grow.

“We are so grateful to have access to the Car Parc Data Tool. It was super easy to navigate and provided insight into our local market. We really appreciate that we’ve been able to access specific postcodes relative to our business and drill down to model and year of vehicle. We have significantly improved our understanding of Blackwood and the surrounding suburbs and we no longer have to guess where we should be focusing our marketing dollars.”

- Michelle, Blackwood Dyno Tune and Service (Repco Authorised Service).

"OMG, this is awesome! Thank you so much. The makes by postcode data will be very helpful for our SEO targeting." - Ange, Accelerate Automotive

The Car Parc Data Tool is not just for workshops. The National View of the Car Parc Data provides insight for manufacturers and distributors to help them understand the market and help to direct their business development and marketing plans. 

The below video provides a great overview of how easy and powerful this tool is and how you can use it to your benefit.

This article was published 08/02/2021 and the content is current as at the date of publication.