Get organised and be proactive with the Capricorn Member Portal

Two men looking at the myCAP portal

In the busiest of times, it can be difficult to keep organised and stay on top of everything. That’s why Capricorn provides you with everything you need your myCAP Portal.

Through the myCAP Portal you can access  all of  your Capricorn products and services, as well as keep up to date with everything new, or coming soon.  Below, we’ve included a map, so you can find everything you need on the myCAP  Portal. 

Statement & Docs

Did you know that you can get your monthly statements through the myCAP Portal before they arrive in the mail? You can access current and previous statements here so there are no worries if your paper statement takes a walk. 

Purple Pages

Looking for that one Preferred Supplier but can’t quite find it in your Purple Pages book? Have no fear; you can search for them through the Purple Pages search.


Not sure what to do with all of your Capricorn Rewards Points? Well, the Capricorn Rewards Portal will have something to reward you and your workshop. From coffee machines, to golf clubs, to iPads, you can always find something exciting on Capricorn Rewards. 

Woolworths at Work

Introducing Woolworths at Work, a new way for you to get your groceries and everyday essentials online through your Capricorn Trade Account. Use this portal to get access to your own personalised website packed with time saving features. 


They say knowledge is power. Well, we like to think our knowledge products are pretty powerful. Enjoy instant access to the most comprehensive range of online service information for over 34,000 vehicles with Capricorn Service Data. Boost your business operations with AutoBoost which includes checklists, customer service guides, advertising templates, staff forms and more.


We love seeing our Members and are looking forward to inviting you along to our Member Events when its safe to do so. When these events come back, look no further than the Events page to register for an event near you. 

Member Resources

Keep up to date with all things Capricorn, our Preferred Suppliers and the industry with Sparks and Ignition. Also find a digital copy of our Member Guide and Member logos under Member Resources.

Keep your computer secure

  1. Keep your internet browser  up to date. As soon as a browser falls out of schedule it is at risk of being hacked. Your browser will prompt you to update when this happens, so make sure to take the time to download and install the new version. 

  2. myCAP Portal can be logged into via (this is the same URL as our current login page).

  3. As we continue to secure our myCAP Portal, your browser may prompt you to re-enter your login information; existing saved passwords may not be pre-filled on the browser. Make sure you always see the lock button next to the URL in your browser before entering your username and password

    myCap Portal

  4. Always make sure your passwords are over six characters in length and include a capital, a  number, and a special character.

  5. Do not store passwords on a Post-it note where someone can easily see them, making them easily stolen. 

  6. We do not recommend saving passwords on shared workstations.

  7. If you ever suspect that your login details have been compromised, click ‘Forgot your password?’ on the myCAP Portal login page and follow the prompts to set your new password

  8. If you have never accessed our Portal or set a password, please contact our friendly Customer Service Team.

  9. When using the Capricorn portal, some of our pages open in new tabs. Always make sure to close your browser window (not just these tabs)after logging out of our myCAP Portal, before moving on to your next items of business. 


Are you interested in learning more? Watch our tutorial video below;

This article was published 15/03/2021 and the content is current as at the date of publication.