The times are a-changin’: Tech, EVs and futureproofing your business

Keeping up with technology is expensive and time-consuming but continuing to invest in tools and training is vital to the longevity of our businesses—as is ensuring good access to technical information and diagnostics.

What decisions and investments should Members be making now to set themselves up for the future? What are the pitfalls and mistakes to avoid? And how will the switch to electric vehicles fundamentally change our jobs, businesses and place in the auto industry. 

David Fraser is joined by Rick Parker from Hyundai to talk about upcoming advances in technology, including EVs, and how and why Members need to get their businesses ready.

We cover: 

  • The tools you should invest in now
  • The tech changes just around the corner
  • Whether or not to prepare for EVs
  • How to get ready for EVs.
It’s filled with useful tips and advice. We hope you’ll enjoy it.

You can download the full State of the Nation Report here.

This article was published 25/11/2021 and the content is current as at the date of publication.