Capricorn Rising Stars is back – why you need to nominate your apprentices in 2022

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Attracting and retaining apprentices in the automotive industry has never been more important. That’s why Capricorn Members are being encouraged to recognise and reward their hardworking apprentices with a Capricorn Rising Stars, Apprentice of the Year nomination.

We know being an apprentice and training an apprentice can be a great opportunity for both apprentice and employer. However, it is no easy undertaking. Not only does supporting an apprentice take time and effort, but it also takes a lot of passion, commitment and sacrifice from our apprentices to achieve their qualification.

The Capricorn State of the Nation report showed 39% of Capricorn’s 23,000 plus Member businesses currently employ an apprentice. So, there is a huge pool of talent waiting to be rewarded and recognised for their commitment to the future of the automotive industry.

Here are five important reasons you should nominate your apprentice:

Keep your apprentice committed to a career in auto

Learning a new trade is a big commitment and takes a lot of passion and dedication. Provide the ultimate encouragement to your apprentice with a Capricorn Rising Stars nomination and keep your apprentice engaged and passionate about their apprenticeship.

Build a positive workshop culture, through advocacy and recognition

High performing teams often work well as they trust one another and reward each other for hard work. By nominating your apprentice, you’re not only rewarding them but letting them know that you’ve got their back, building trust as an advocate.

Rewarding outstanding people, no matter what stage of the journey they are at

Capricorn began the Capricorn Rising Stars awards to recognise aspiring auto repairers who demonstrate their automotive passion, a positive can-do attitude and a strong commitment to forging a long and rewarding career in the service and repair industry.

This unique judging criteria creates a level playing field for first to fourth year apprentices across all automotive service and repair disciplines. This means Capricorn Members can nominate any of their apprentices who demonstrate outstanding potential and character as they continue to learn their craft and display eagerness to develop their skills.

Great prizes to be won

Everyone loves to be rewarded! The 2022 Capricorn Rising Stars prize pool has something for both the winning apprentices as well as the workshops that nominate them. These prizes are once again thanks to the generous support of our industry sponsors.

Check out Capricorn Rising Stars for more information. 

Everyone is recognised!

Every nominee will be sent a certificate to formally recognise their accomplishment. With your apprentice’s permission, you can display the certificate in your reception area to let your customers know about the high-quality team you are nurturing in your workshop.

Nominate your apprentice

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This article was published 09/03/2022 and the content is current as at the date of publication.