Introducing the new-look myCAP: A better way to manage your Capricorn relationship

Introducing the new-look myCAP

While you’ve been able to log into myCAP for a while now, our new-look myCAP includes a range of improved features that have been designed to provide Members with more options and accessibility when it comes to how they engage with Capricorn.

It’s no secret that the online world plays a huge role in making our lives quicker, more convenient and more connected. A host of everyday tasks – from grocery shopping to banking – can now be done online, so why should managing your relationship with Capricorn be any different? 

Investing in our digital capability

Digital technology and the online world have revolutionised the way we live our lives. Ride-sharing apps, video and audio streaming platforms, and online food delivery offer consumers more choice and convenience than ever before.

At Capricorn, we understand this and are making significant investments in improving our digital capability. The aim is to empower Capricorn Members by giving them the ability to engage with us using the channel of their choice.

The new and improved myCAP is just the first step on this journey. Enabling Members to access and manage more aspects of their Capricorn relationship on their own terms (and on a 24/7 basis) will go a long way towards making things easier and more convenient, but we aren’t going to stop there.

Moving forward, Members can look forward to Capricorn making more use of digital platforms to help them connect with us and the products, services, content and advice we provide.

More options, not fewer

While we’re at it, we just wanted to reassure Members that our investment in digital capabilities (including the myCAP upgrade) is all about providing people with more options when it comes to engaging with us, not fewer.

All of the usual channels you currently use to interact with Capricorn – such as our contact centre and hardworking Area Managers – will still be there for you, if and when you need them.

If you still want to pick up the phone and talk to someone, we’ll be here. However, if you’d prefer to do some things online and/or after business hours, you’ll now have the option to do so.

myCAP 2.0

Designed to provide Capricorn Members with a better way to manage their Capricorn relationship online, the new-look myCAP contains the following features:

  • A brand-new, user-friendly online experience. This includes an interactive dashboard that provides a quick snapshot of your total account and quick links to allow you to easily access other products/services.
  • The ability to self-manage and update account/user information 24/7.
  • Near-real-time visibility of balances due, spend to date, and statements.
  • Greater transaction history visibility.
  • Improved Purple Pages search functionality that will make it quicker and easier to find the product/Preferred Supplier you’re looking for. 
This article was published 08/03/2023 and the content is current as at the date of publication.